Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wordful Wednesday ~ The Big Birthday Secret (maybe gets revealed?)!

My friend Marcy has been blogging
About vinegar of all things
It seems it's many uses
Makes Marcy's heart go zing!

If I posted on that very same subject
It would be so very hum-drum
But Marcy has a knack
Of making everything seem fun!

And now here's a secret I'll let you all in on
About our darling girl
She has a birthday coming soon
But the date she won't reveal!

I only know that I've been told
That I am very hot (no, not by Ray!)
But by Marcy Poppins herself
When I tried to guess her special day

I guessed August twenty-eight, twenty-nine and thirty
And she said one of those is right!
But the exact date she won't reveal
Even though I've tried with all my might!

So how can we entice her
To give us this information?
Maybe with a joke or two?
Or promise pictures of vegetation?

Okay, Marcy, now give it up!
On this I must insist!
I need a little Birthday fun!
So, pretty please, don't resist!

I'm expecting in my comments now
For the Birthday Girl to tell
The date that she was born on
For she knows it all too well!

I'm feeling down and out right now
I'm feeling a little blue
Please Marcy tell me your Birthday
And be a friend so true!


  1. Eileen is such a naughty girl
    But very cute as well
    She has this little stubborn streak
    designed to make me tell.

    My sweet mother always said
    A squeaky wheel gets the oil
    So guess I'll have to tell
    this very special "goil".

    Never want for you
    To ever feel blue
    Just your favorite pink
    So let me tell you in a blink
    and with a wink
    At least I think
    Since I have no ink
    And don't send mink
    Tho' I do like your kitchen sink.

    The first day you guessed
    Was right on the money
    Now you're scaring me Eileen
    Hope you're gonna be a honey.

    Will I come home to an empty room
    With no little sound
    Then turn on the lights
    With blogland friends all around??

    Now that would be a dream come true
    For these friends delight me
    And only incite me
    To be and to do
    More good it is true
    And for this I say a hardy Thank You!

    blessings and gooshy hugs,


  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Need some more commentary on the commentary on my commentary comments today as I did comment too. What do you think and I had to remove my own comment too because I goofed BIG time on one word!

    blessings and fuzzy hugs,


  4. I just went over and read what Marcy had to say about vinegar. I clean my wood (laminate) floors with it. I also drink the raw apple cider vinegar mixed in water twice everyday. It just makes me feel better.

  5. That was fun to read, You have a great blog:)

  6. Good Job Eileen! Now please email me Marcy's address so I can send birthday wishes!

  7. Hi Eileen, I think, wherever I go today I not sure if I'm at Marcy's or two have talent though, loved both your poems.
    I have laughed over Marcy's comments all day, what a sense of humor, love it.
    Hope all is well.....:-) Hugs

  8. I love it!!!! Dueling Poems!!! Cathy

  9. Well, apparently missy Eileen, I who have been accused of not reading my own blog, am in a class with SOMEOME who does NOT read her comments!

    You will note that Diana caught the answer because she actually READ my poem!!

    Back to reading 101 for Eileen (or did you just do this to make me feel better?)

  10. You guys have got me going back and forth between your Blogs over and over...
    Eileen even ask me if I knew Marcy's birthday...see now I'm talking about you on your own blog Eillen...You even have Bernie confused where she is.
    Eileen...what is the advertisement above the Claude Monet Art of the Day photo???

  11. Yes, I too am wondering why you have naked ladies above your Monet art of the day???

    Is that you with a blonde wig?

    Now, if Wanda reads this poem I wrote here, she too will know my birthday which means Eileen doesn't even really want to know even tho she says she does because it has some deep dark meaning to it like there have been too many vinegar and chocolate posts or something or maybe because I left out the asides today???

  12. Yes, Marcy I read the poem better than Eileen!
    You could be right Marcy...she's blocking it out.

  13. I told you all I wasn't smart!!
    So now when I say/write it maybe you'll all believe me!

    When you wrote
    "The first day you guessed was right..."
    I'm stupidly thinking that you are saying the first time I guessed was right, and all day I'm thinking to myself "What is Marcy talking about the first time I guessed, I only guessed that one time, when else did I try to guess?"
    And then I'm thinking I must have tried to guess in a comment so I'm going back in my posts and in comments looking for my FIRST guess!
    Holy Moley, I feel like a fool!
    I'm sorry.
    Well, now you all know why I was always failing in school. I drove poor women like Jackie crazy! Oh well.

    I have no idea what the advertisement is! I didn't sign up for anything, especially not this junk!
    I'm going to take my Claude Monet out now too, Ray thinks maybe it's attached to that. Ugh!
    I'm just not having a good day at all.
    Sorry girls! I feel like such an idiot.

  14. You guys are cracking me up!! I LOVE it!! Both of your poems were really good! I love how Marcy is now posting poems for us...that takes a lot of pressure off me :) (giggles) Maybe she'll do mine for me next wednesday! You are both very good at it..maybe both of you could just travel around and leave poems in everyone's comments..that would put smiles on everyones faces :) I LOVE you guys!!!
    I sort of got confused in it all too! I am guessing her birthday is the first one in the line 28th, 29th or it would be the 28? I love the idea of surprising everyone on their birthdays with surprise parties..and I love that she called you a goil!! That is so cute!! She is really poetically gifted :) By the way...I love your kitchen sink too!! I loved this made me smile... A LOT!!
    Love, Jerelene