Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Favorites

(Please forgive the horrible photography! No matter what I did with the camera the pictures either came out with a glare or they are too light, or too dark, or too blurry! And the color is all off. I tried auto focus, I tried manual, I tried with a flash, and I tried without the flash! Oh well. On with the show.)

I have a favorite store to shop at for furniture. It's actually just a warehouse in a factory district nearby, and they sell fine antiques right along side not-so-fine second-hand furniture. I prefer the not-so-fine design! All my favorite furnishings came from this store (warehouse) called 'Golden Oldies'.
I was a little saddened when Ray and I stopped in there a few weeks ago as they don't have all that much to choose from anymore. The poor economy has hit them hard so the owner is now renting out half of the warehouse to another business. This is the first time we have ever left there empty handed (or rather left there with an empty truck! Ray and I are usually hauling something home)!

Today I'm just showing you the chairs we purchased from them and the dresser that we purchased to hold Jayden's clothes. I have many other favorite pieces that we purchased from this store but I'll save those for another post.

The chairs are all mismatched, and I think they are actually supposed to be kitchen chairs, they are a far cry from elegant dining chairs. There are four cream colored ones, two green ones, and two brown ones. Different colors and different designs, but somehow to my eye they go together perfectly. They all have that rustic, worn, crackled look about them, and they are all hand painted. There is nothing elegant or fancy about them but I love them gathered around our dining table!

The dresser I had purchased after Jayden was first born because I was too lazy to keep running upstairs to Kate's room to get clothes for him (babies need a change of clothes so often especially when they are newborn!), and even as he grew I just kept his clothes down here. The dresser is in our hallway and it fits perfect along the stairs, I use one side for Jayden's clothes and one side as desk drawers. This dresser too had a very rustic look about it. I love the shape of it, I love the curves, I love the design of the top of it, I love the finish, I love the drawer pulls, and I love how deep the drawers are for storage. It's a favorite for sure! (This was the dresser in my drawer organizing post!)

Weekend Forecast ~ I'm not sure exactly what we'll be doing but Ray is off on Monday again and here are our tentative plans for the next few days:
Food Shopping
Picnic in Central Park
Yard work
(but not necessarily in that order!)

Okay, tomorrow is August 15 ~ The Feast of the Assumption in the Catholic Faith.
I couldn't let it pass without recognizing Mary, The Blessed Mother.
Here's a little prayer that I came across on another blog:

O, Mary, nourisher of Him Who Nourishes all,
Pray for us.

~ St. Jerome

Have a great weekend everyone! God Bless!


  1. Oh my Eileen I loved the chairs. They were beautiful ! I wanted to do something like that with our chairs but I haven't had enough time or energy yet! Also liked the dresser Eileen, I noticed it in your post when you cleaned out Jaydens dresser. I also liked the picture of Jayden on the dresser. Did Donald do that?
    Have a fun weekend!

  2. The funny thing, Eileen, is that those chairs just DO go together! Is it their lovely unusual look or the flowers on all of them, but they just go great together?!

    Your dresser idea was perfect...that is why we have an upstairs and a downstairs vacuum cleaner!

    blessings and cootchy coo hugs,


  3. Hi Eileen and happy Friday!

    I love,love, love the chairs. The painting and designs are amazing and they all go together perfectly. I like the desk/dresser too - amazing shape!!
    And the Feast of The Assumption - I am surprised my Mom, devout Catholic - watch the Mass daily - say her rosary every day - didn't mention it!!
    I call myself a "Recovering Catholic"!! :-) Amen.

    Love to you
    Have a great weekend

  4. Thanks, Diana! No, Donald didn't do that picture of Jayden (although that reminds me of something else Donald made that I'll do in a future post!), this was a caricature done of him when we were in Disney World. He had just woken up, he was NOT happy and he refused to smile! But I loved it!

    Hi, Marcy, I'm thinking I should have two sets of everything! Although if I would do the stairs more maybe I'd be in better shape!
    My whole house is a mismatch and hodgepode of stuff anyway, I once did one of those "What's my home decor style?" quizzes and it turns out I'm 'Bohemian Eclectic' I think that's code for "you have no style! You're just a mess!" But I love the term Bohemian Eclectic!
    You should see what's under the tablecloth (I usually don't cover the dining table, but I did it for one of those tablescape posts), it's a big marble table, I got it only for the wear and tear value as I'm not crazy about stone tables, I think they are cold looking. I'm looking to replace it with a big old, worn and already battered shabby chic farm table. (Shh! Don't tell Ray!)

    Hi, Gail, I don't consider myself a 'devout' Catholic anymore, it's very personal. Just a lot of stuff that went on. But I do find a lot of the traditions give me a feeling of "I'm HOME".
    And the Blessed Mother has always been a Safe Haven for me! I remember my Mom when I was little would always say to ask the Blessed Mother to ask Jesus to bestow a favor because He never refused His mother and then she would tell the story about the wedding at Cana and how it seemed Jesus didn't really want to do the miracle but did it at His mother's request!
    And she would tell the joke of St. Peter complaining to Jesus that he was turning sinners away at the front gate but that "Your mother is sneaking them in through the back door!"
    I like to think of her as my own mother too! And in real life if I wanted anything, I went to my Mom and had her ask my Dad!

    Have a great weekend, ladies!
    Love you, Eileen

  5. HI Eileen! I loved all your chairs..and they look perfect together! You have very nice taste..Bohemian Eclectic..I've not heard of that..But, being that you have impeccable taste..then it means that you have WONDERFUL taste :) I love the dresser too..I would be proud to have any of those things in my home.
    I love the rose print fabric in the background..curtains I'm supposing? Very pretty!
    I loved the previous post with you guys on the beach..Jayden is just so adorable! You must have so much fun every day with him..But, I really love the beach pics...I can imagine myself there..the sound of the waves :)
    Have a great weekend..Central Park sounds fun!!
    Love, Jerelene

  6. Hello Eileen...I just came in from doing yard work and saw your nice comment and that you posted...I think your chairs are perfect...I had mentiond them once in another comment how they caught my eye...I love them and the mood they create...The dresser is larger than the other post showed...I like the curve of the front ant the pulls look like shells to me...very you!

    Have a great weekend with your family Eileen,

  7. Hi Eileen, your love and respect of your furniture is soooo you. I loved everything about the chairs and dresser, they are all beautiful. You have done a marvellous job of as you call it mis-matching things, would I love you to have a go at my place.
    Your weekend sounds wonderful and family it.
    Take care......luv you and many hugs...:-) Hugs

  8. YOUR eye and MY eye agree about those chairs (and the dresser, too). Thanks for another peek into your life and home. You (and it) are special!

  9. You know you are so "in" with the chairs....(I watch too much HGTV)....but that is THE thing to do now.
    Your weekend sounds full....but interesting. I will be tied up this week (not literally....) but will be away from blogging. I am always excited to get to my friends' sites and see what you are doing. Hugs and much love,

  10. Hi, Jerelene!
    I'm so glad you've been posting again! And you sound happy again too! I know you have so much going on and please know we all care about you and are praying for you and your family. Thanks for always being so sweet to me.
    The curtain you are talking about is actually a shower curtain! I put it up in the archway (on a tension rod) between the front sun porch (which is really just a mess of toys now!) and the dining room because the curtains up front are just lace and I feel kind of vulnerable at night when I'm here in the dining room sitting at the computer. I like it better if nobody can see in!
    Wish I could send you some beach! Or better yet, bring you here to enjoy it with us!
    We were just talking about whether to go to Central Park or not, it's supposed to be really hot the next few days, so I might just wait until one evening next week, meet Ray after work and then walk to the park. It's surprisingly peaceful, quiet, and serene!

    Hi, Wanda, thanks for stopping in! I loved your favorites today! Really nice post!

    Hello, Bernie, wouldn't that be fun? I'd love to come and visit, and decorate! Maybe when you move we could make a plan! We could do a 'village make-over' everyone come armed with paint brushes for a painting party!

    Hi, Rebecca, glad you stopped in, and I'm glad you agree with my weird way of decorating too! Mostly I choose comfortable and easy-to-care-for now! But I do love pretty and when I can do that to it is a bonus!

    Hey, Jackie! Good to hear from you!
    Is mismatched in? Or second-hand? Or both?!
    We miss you, but just take care of yourself, and we'll be looking forward to some new posts from you whenever you get a chance!

    I don't think I'll be posting this weekend, but I'll try to visit! Have a great weekend!
    Love to all!, Eileen

  11. I love the mismatched chairs, and the chest of drawers too.

    Too bad that your fave furniture shop is not doing too well in this economy.


  12. I love mismatched chairs. I also love mismatched furniture and mismatched night stands. Your home has such an emotional feel to it, from what I can see from your pictures. I love buying things that already have history to them.

  13. Hello, Lidj, thanks for stopping by. I loved your post today on the story of Joseph and on keeping hope alive and having Faith!

    Hi, Jill, I think we have a lot in common. I too love having things with a history, things that were used and loved before, I love to imagine what the previous owners were like and how they may have used some of the things I now have.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend,ladies!
    Love, Eileen

  14. I am in love with those mismatched chairs Eileen!

  15. Thanks, Simone! And thanks for stopping by!