Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Party Princess

Mia had a Princess theme party for her third Birthday. We missed celebrating with her on her actual Birthday because we had a virus in the house. But a few weeks later we had a little party for her at our house. Unfortunately, the Birthday Girl wasn't feeling too well, but she was a trooper, and she donned her party dress, and even though she didn't feel well, she told her Mom and Dad that she wanted to come to Grandma and Paw's house for her party:

"Turn around, Princess!"

Oh, here's our Birthday Girl!

The usual crowd was here...

...with the usual pests! Here's "The Protester", protesting having his picture taken and hiding his face behind his hand...

...and that's Rudy's leg stuck out there, with Rudy being, well, Rudy!

Here's Scott, he's very amused by Rudy's antics.
Me? Not so much!

Here's Ray's brother Donald

Ray and our nephew Adam

Here is the Birthday Girl's Mommy (Lori) with Ray's Mom (Helena)

Mia was born just two days before Helena's Birthday!

My niece Erin and my Aunt Florence.

And here is Ray's sister Susie (on the right) with her girls
Jillian, Jackie, and Erika (they are visiting the 'smoking lounge' OUTSIDE)

And here's Ray paying them a visit
(poor Jackie in the center looks like she is trying to smile through her pain!)

Jackie just recently got engaged to Scott...

...so we have another happy event to look forward to!

Okay, back into the house to join the party ~
here's our daughter Katie (Jayden's Mom) with her 'best friend' Mia!

(The rest of the party guests are camera-shy!)

I won't show you ALL the gifts Mia got, this would be a never-ending post and it's long enough already!

I'll just show you some of the highlights ~of course there were ducks!

Duck books were a hit!

"Let's read them now, Mommy."

And a duck pillow brought a smile.

This sticker book made a big hit with Jayden!

And this outfit made a big hit with Lori!

"Mommy & I
Best friends Forever"
So cute!

Mia's Dad (our son Erik) made the Birthday cake...

...but wait! It's missing something!

Of course, it has to have some party ducks!

This little Hummel candle holder belonged to my Mom and we gave it to Mia.
My daughter-in-law very sweetly includes it on Mia's birthday.

Okay, "Make a wish and blow!"

And smear your name for luck!

I think our 'little princess' did very well for not feeling so very well!


  1. Mia does not look sick at all. Amazing what troopers kids can be when their is a birthday party to go to! She is a very pretty little 3 year old. I can see why her Mom loved that outfit..especially since Mia is her best friend!

  2. Looks like a wonderful party and Susie really looks like her mom. So nice to have everyone over but where was Jayden, I missed him.
    Have a great day sweetie, big hugs to Jayden and Mia.......:-) Hugs

  3. I'm so glad that Mia decided to tough it out LOL! And I feel bad that you've all had a virus. Still it looked like everyone had a good time. Soon it will be time for your pool parties! You mentioned going to the beach in my comments, is it warm enough there yet? It's been a bit chilly here lately (60's) but is supposed to warm up to the 70's again tomorrow.
    It looked like a fun party Eileen. Mia's dress was beautiful. Love Di ♥

  4. Happy belated birthday Mia - she is precious Eileen and truly celebrated. Doesn't get any better than that.

    Love Gail

  5. She is truly a princess... happy birthday, Mia! Love your dress!

    I'm having a party on my blog to celebrate Mother's Day... come see!


  6. What a great party Eileen! How wonderful that so much of your family gets together to celebrate! Looks like everyone had a great time!

    You are one blessed Grammy, for sure!
    Have a beautiful day!

  7. Hi Eileen ....
    It looks like you have some wonderful family get togethers!It warms my heart to see a granny that is SOOO involved in her grandkid's life!
    I get the feeling that you hold family very close to your heart .... something that is very important to me too!
    Mia,the princess, looked beautiful and even though she was under the weather she entertained her subjects well!!

  8. Oh Eileen Mia is so beautiful! I hope she is feeling better now. What a wonderful party you had ♥ I love that Mia's dad made the cake ♥ Happy Birthday Mia!!! All of us in blogland love you ♥

  9. Mia looked like a princess in cute dress and sweater, Eileen. Seems to have been a fun day for all. Your son Erik makes a great cake! Using the Hummel candle holder on all her birthdays would be a nice tradition. ♥...Wanda

  10. Mia IS a little princess! Such a beautiful little girl...and she sounds like such a sweet personality! What a lovely party! You have such a happy and close family...it is so heartwarming to read this post, and to enjoy the day vicariously with you all. Thanks for "inviting" me! Happy Birthday to little Mia! Love you, dear Eileen! XOXO from Janine

  11. Hi Eileen! Miss Mia is such a little dollie! I love princess parties especially when the princess is Mia! It is always fun to get the grown-ups involved for nothing other than a get-together! Happy Birthday to Mia and Birth-Day to her mommy!

  12. She is a princess!! Beautiful blog, my friend.

  13. What a great full house for the celebration. The cake is sweet and the traditions (candle holder, smearing the name on the cake, etc) are great! Hope Mia has recovered and is back to normal.