Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday ~ He Thought Us Worthy...Know That You Are Loved

This is what I know.  God Loved us so dearly that He was willing to Sacrifice His own Son.  He thought us worthy of that Sacrifice.

This is what I know.  Jesus Loved His Father and us so much that He was willing to more than suffer and die for us.  He was willing to suffer and die without His Father, He was willing to take on our sins, sins which separated Him from His Father.
He thought us worthy of this:

He took our sins as His own and suffered for them:

It is very humbling for me to think that every unkind word I speak, every selfish act, every time I turn my back on someone in need, every Commandment I break, every sin of commission, and every sin of omission, He took on as His own:

He thought us worthy...

...know that you are LOVED


  1. Eileen, you are so very hard on yourself...God loves you just as your are sweetie....I cried my way through the movie The Passion of Christ and I could so relate to his mother Mary. Each of us has a journey we must travel Eileen and someone told me today he loves that we are trying to do our best. Luv you, big hugs to Jayden and Mia........:-) Hugs

  2. Eileen- Thank you for these thoughts and emotions on this very special day. It breaks my heart every time I think of what Jesus did for US. I am completely humbled. I was in a scramble trying to remember all I have to do today, but you have helped me to remember what is truly important. I have not watched The Passion of Christ but NEED to. Take care, dear friend. Lots of love to you today- and always.:) Lori

  3. Michael warned me that I would probably start crying at some point during watching The Passion Of The Christ four years ago for the first time...he was WRONG....I started crying at the very beginning and only the degree of crying changed during the whole movie! And yet that movie doesn't begin to tell it do you tell the psychological pain of innocence suffering for guilt?

    Wonderful post, my friend, may your day be blessed.

    blessings and hugs and love,


  4. Very moving post Eileen...such intense photos.
    I hope Easter finds all of us striving to be better.

  5. Just remember that Jesus died for our sins. He knew we weren't perfect and forgave us our sins. This is not a license to run around and do sinful deeds but he knows that we will sin. Our God is not a punishing God. I still believe that our guilt is our own punishment. Love Di ♥

    very powerful post in words and images. Powerful indeed. The strength of your faith is deep.

    Love to you this Blessed Easter and always

  7. This just leaves me sitting here feeling such gratitude. And all He wants us to do in return is to keep his commandments. Very humbling. Thank you Eileen.
    Have a wonderful Easter!