Sunday, April 11, 2010

And Then There Was...


Happy Birthday to my baby sister Diane!

I can't remember a time that you weren't at my side.

I loved all the fun we had in that little house in Bayside.

And then on to the 'new' house which seemed so big to us!

And as we grew so did our friendship.

But I think I was a very bad influence on you! Remember the time I convinced you to play hooky from school with me? And it happened to be a day when everyone from our group was absent from school and we ended up getting caught!

Remember the time Ray and I pushed you into the bushes and ran off and left you struggling to get up with the woman yelling at you? We did leave your shoes for you on the corner though so you wouldn't have to run in your stocking feet! (I'm trying to convince myself that I wasn't all bad!)

And all my most wonderful memories include you too!

(Is this when we let Ray cut our hair?! Tom has nicer hair than we do!)

You and Marybeth are the best sisters!

And I'm so glad I had you by my side through some of the saddest moments too.



  1. My goodness, what a treasure you have in memories and pictures!!! Indeed, Happy Birthday, Diane!!! Wishing you a glorious day! Cathy


    There's so much family resemblance in all of your family, Eileen. Some photos of your young sisters look like your daughters, in a young photo of you, I saw Jayden.
    Loved how you and Diane dressed alike, my middle sister and I did too.
    Loved the old photos showing all the styles of the time, both home decor and clothing!
    Fun post!♥...Wanda


    Oh my - oh my oh my oh my....this is SO wonderful. I love the pictues, the memories, the love, the intent, the forever...................Happy-Happy Birthday Diane

    Love you

  4. These are some of the best photos. I really like the way you dressed to match and the hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil one. You look like you all had a good time together. Happy Birthday to your sister, Diane!!

  5. What a beautiful post for your sister's Birthday, were lovely girls, and grew into even more wonderful ladies! I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you a little better through this post as well! You are such a terrific person...Love you so much! Janine XO

  6. Thanks to everyone for my birthday wishes!
    Proof that I never look good in pictures.

    Birthday's aren't the same when the woman who gave birth to you is gone.

  7. Sorry I'm so late Eileen, Jake is home until Tuesday this week, a nice surprise! I love this post Eileen and I love all of the photos. You are lucky to have so many siblings to grow up with. And beautiful sisters! I hope Diane had a wonderful Birthday, she sounds as though she is very deserved of one! I can't help but think what fun it must have been growing up in a full house! You should post more old photos with the stories to go along! Happy Birthday Diane! Love Di ♥

  8. It was good to share a little of your life and love. I'm glad you have sisters to celebrate. May happiness fill THIS hour in your home and heart. I can't wait to be back from vacation to REALLY sit down and connect with my net-friends (I'm still working on the proper vocabulary to fit the friendships I enjoy here.....)

  9. OH that was a wonderful post to your sister! AHHH I wish I had pictures of me and my sis growing up. But there was an 8 year difference. You are sooo lucky!

  10. What a wonderful birthday tribute to your sister. So much love. I envy the two of you. you ae lucky to be so close to each other. You are blessed to have such a family.

  11. Dear Umma,

    Happy Birthday to Diane! What a wonderful tribute to your sister. I wish I had more photos of our family. I wasn't able to pick out Marybeth until the last photo. I'll have to get her to share who she is with me in some of the other photos when I see her Friday night at work.

    Penny Sue - Oh, and love Keith Green. I got to see him in concert many years ago at the Broome County Arena, in Binghamton, NY. An amazing soloist.

  12. Dear Eileen, I just loved seeing all of your pictures. what wonderful memories you must have. Happy birthday to your dear sister Dianne!

  13. Just stopping by to send you my love! Hope you are having a beautiful week, dear Eileen! Love, Janine XO

  14. This is lovely. "Sisters are different flowers from the same garden."