Monday, April 19, 2010

Catching Up and Stealing A Post Title

I am stealing the post title and idea of "Catching Up" from my blogger friend at Morning Glories And Moonflowers. Lori did a wonderful post where she caught her readers up on the latest that was going on in her life. There has been lots going on here but I will just 'catch you up' on a few things in this post and save the rest for another post.

A few weeks ago Ray and Jayden went to a Met's game at Citifield:

I like the idea that they saved all the sites of the bases from the old Shea Stadium, and they are marked in the parking lot of the new Citifield:

I don't know why Jayden is giving a thumbs down in this photo, except maybe it was so cold that evening!

But I guess it's never too cold for ice cream!

Last week Jayden was home sick from school almost the whole week. He was off the week before for Easter vacation, he went back on Monday, and then Monday night he began running a temperature. That went on all the rest of the week. He spent most of the time watching favorite movies or playing hand-held computer games, but when he was feeling well enough we'd venture outside for a bit if it was warm and sunny, and he'd check on his tomato plants that he and 'Paw' had planted. And if the weather wasn't so nice and sunny, we'd stay in and play games or paint (usually we paint either outside or in the back screen room), but on this cold day we stayed in and painted while sitting on the kitchen floor. Very easy clean up!

And one good thing about being sick is that Grandpa brings home a toy or two with him when he comes home from work:

"Thanks, Paw! I love it!"

Our boy was feeling much better by the weekend! His allergies are still bothering him but no more fevers!
You might think this is him waiting for someone to open the front door for him:

But you would be wrong! It's just a place he likes to hang out, in between the doors!

Our lilac bushes out back are in full bloom:

And we have plenty of these big bees buzzing around all the time! Ray caught this one paying the lilacs a visit:

These pansies are coming up in an old plastic pot that was set to be discarded!

And I'm trying to play catch up on all the blog posts of yours that I have been missing. I am still having trouble accessing and/or commenting on so many blogs now too! I even have trouble getting to some of my own blogs at times!

'Hope you all enjoy a wonderful week!


  1. How fun to read your "catching up" post, Eileen! I am in love with your lilacs! Beautiful! And this music makes me feel like getting up and dancing! What a praise worthy song!! WIsh I could reach over and give you a hug, Sweets!:) Lori

  2. I can't believe your lilac trees, I could almost smell them through the are so far ahead of us for blooms and flowers. It has been nice here lately though, but we are in need of moisture.
    So glad Jayden is better, he looks so cute. Honestly he has the most gorgeous eyelashes.
    Have a great week........:-) Hugs

  3. Oh, I'm soooo glad Jayden is feeling better...he's such a great kid! It's heartbreaking to think of him being sick like that! That was some nasty fever!!! Your lilacs are gorgeous! And they are some of my favorite flowers...and speaking of flowers...your new background is simply lovely! You make life so beautiful, Eileen, for everyone you love, know and meet! I'm so glad you are my friend...I am extraordinarily blessed to know you!! Love you much! Janine XO

  4. The whole block must smell sweet with your lovely Lilacs, Eileen. Spring brings allergies with all these other beautiful sights, though.

    Glad Jayden is feeling better, Alivia likes little areas, like between your doors too! The dog pen, which hasn't been used in 10 years, is a favorite at the moment!

    Love the new background, Eileen it has a soft vintage feel!

  5. Poor Jayden! Katie has suffered with those nasty allergies for years. That's why she ultimately had that surgery in Feb. Poor kids. I love, love, love your new background!!
    Sounds as if you've had your hand full and here I thought you were farming! Have you considered getting a new computer? I don't know how old yours is but I do know that when I got my new one I stopped having all sorts of problems, especially with blogger!
    I am claustrophobic Eileen, when I saw Jayden between the doors, which was really cute, I sort of panicked a bit! LOL!
    Thanks for catching us up, I've really missed you! Love Di ♥


    The loving chaptrs of Jayden's life continue to unfold - as beautiful as the pictures of lilacs and pansies are the chapters of his life in full bloom and cultivated in "Umma's Worls" Hallelujah

    Love and more love

  7. Hi Eileen,
    It makes me sad to think that Jayden has been sick, and I am sure glad he is feeling better. He was sick a long time! I bet you were worried sick yourself.

    I loved your photos of the Lilacs, they are so pretty, and I could almost smell them from here. Nothing much blooming yet here, but I am sure it won't be too long. The weather has turned warm, and since we have not had much moisture this year so far, everything is very dry.

    I need some color in my world...thanks for this colorful post. I actually took the day off today to stop and smell the to speak...and I found it very refreshing.

    How is the de cluttering going? I really is HARD, isn't it!

    (((HUGS))) TT

  8. That little Jayden has my heart! He is just so adorable ♥ I am so sorry to hear he has been sick. It looks like spring has come to your area. we are a little behind her in our neck of the woods. I loved seeing all of your beautiful pictures. Thank you for the kind comments you leave on my blog.

  9. Just stopping by to give you my love! Big hugs and smiles from ME to YOU!!! ~Janine XO

  10. I can easily commiserate with Jayden about allergies, poor guy. You have great pictures as always, Eileen...just love them all and the one of Jayden between the doors is soooo cute!

    Your lilacs are gorgeous and the pansies are such a blessing when all seemed gone or lost or over!

    I need to get outside and take pictures...maybe tomorrow after prayer group.

    blessings and loving hugs,


  11. Sounds like a lot of activity at your house (as always). You must be ahead of us - tomato plants in and lilacs so full of bloom! Glad Jayden is feeling better...I love his fascination with his place between the doors. (I feel like I live there, too, sometimes!)

    We just returned from a very quick trip to be with our oldest grandson at Grandparents' Day at his school. So much needing attention here since returning from 2 weeks vacation....

    You are frequently in my thoughts--even though I don't comment as often as I'd like.

  12. I've often thought that if our kids were never sick, we would miss so many cozy home moments where the world sort of stops for awhile and we are in the here and now. I think Jayden would make a great friend for my Elora, but they do live a ways apart!

  13. Lovely update post, and beautiful pics of all those flowers in full bloom!

    Hope Jayden is better by now.

    Been busy these past weeks...and so I haven't been around, but I have caught up on the posts I missed, and just wanted to wish you a HAPPY SPRING!