Sunday, March 7, 2010

Handmade Treasures

I was very pleasantly surprised by my blogger friend Linda @ Been There Done That when I received a package from her in the mail on Friday. I knew she was on a crocheting frenzy lately, making lots of beautiful hats, and I asked her to please make one for my granddaughter Mia.

I had sent Linda a picture of Mia in the coat she would be wearing the hat with...

...and Linda did a super job of matching colors:

This hat is adorable! And the detail work is amazing:

I was so happy to receive the hat, but as a lovely added surprise in the package from Linda was this sweet little drawstring bag that she sent along with the hat:

The bag itself is beautiful...

...but when I opened it wide...

...and peeked inside, I saw something sweet peeking back at me!

And when you turn the bag all way back it creates a little bassinet for the baby doll to snuggle in:

Isn't this just the most adorable little thing?!

And, again, I love Linda's attention to detail. Note the little baby blanket and the little flowers and pearl on the crown of the cradle ~ so sweet.

Linda also made this cute little kimono and knit hat for the baby as well:

Mia loved it all! She was especially thrilled with the baby and spent all afternoon taking off her little hat and coat and putting them back on, and taking her baby in and out of her bag.
It was a big hit, Linda! Thank you! Your talent amazes me! And I'm so happy to have these handmade treasures in our family!

Here is Mia enjoying her new favorite!

"Oh! It's a tiny baby!"
(Mia loves anything tiny!)

What little girl wouldn't love this?!

Thank you, Linda, for your kind and generous heart, and for sharing your beautiful creations with us!

I took a picture of Mia in her new hat too but it's lost here somewhere. I'll post it as soon as I find it, or I'll take another next time she's here and post it.


  1. What a great match (the hat to the coat) and how precious the little purse! I can only imagine Mia's delight (although you've captured it quite well in the picture)!

  2. The coat is awesome so matching a hat to it is a great idea. The little bag with the doll is so sweet, a really nice idea. I would love a really cool hat like this one.

  3. Linda Lu outdid herself. What a splendid job she did with the hat...the colors ae perfect.
    And the purse that turns into a bassinet...with the little baby doll inside. What little girl's heart wouldn't melt with joy! You did a great job of photographing the purse, Eileen.

  4. First, I lo♥e cute little Mia's coat and the fact that talented Linda could make such a lovely hat, that matches so well is amazing.
    The drawstring bag, with the surprise baby and bassinet inside is a treasure. We have an expert among us. Enjoyed the music and photos, Eileen!

  5. Very nice Eileen. That was sweet of Linda to do and it really made me miss crocheting! Sarah loves tiny things too! Anything in miniature! Can't wait to see the hat on Mia, I'll bet it's adorable with that coat!
    Love Di

  6. That hat is just adorable! I bet Mia was sooooo over the moon in love with her new baby and accessories! (I know I would have been at that age...maybe now too)! :)

    I continue to be inspired by the wonderful loving memories you create with your grandchildren. Each picture a reflection of creative love freed and encouraged. Adorble and beautiful. :-)

    Love Gail


  9. Linda is incredible! The hours and hours of love she put into making the adorable purse/baby bed, and hat! Mia is such a doll. I am looking forward to seeing her wear the hat. This looks like something Mia will be able to pass on to her own little girl someday!

  10. Wow!!! I'm absolutely in awe of Linda's talent!!!! My grandmother tried to teach me to crochet...but I was hopeless!!!! The hat, the purse/bassinet and baby doll? Simply spectacular!!! How very, very thoughtful!!! And your granddaughter in her coat and hat!!! She will be even more gorgeous than she already is!!

    Eileen, I do want to tell you that when your blog loaded today, your header photo took my breath away!!!! So beautiful!!! Is that someplace near your home? Or is it Ireland? You are an amazing photographer!!! Have a wonderful week, dear Eileen!!! Love you! Janine XO

  11. How adorable! What a precious Mia, too! Your friend batted 1000 with this, Eileen. And you and Mia deserve it, dear friend. Glad you got such a special surprise.


    Sheila :-)

  12. I don't know what I liked the best....all of it!!! I can't pick one ;) Linda is amazing!! What a blessed talent....Mia will have endless fun with that adorable doll..and the clothes were amazing!!
    I didn't see your IM to me until after you were off the other night..I was busy reading something :( Sam's tics have been the worst ever..His body tics are extremely harsh and his vocal tics are now screaming...the doctor doubled his medicine but it doesn't seem to be working. It's just making his stomach hurt and making him tired...It is SO depressing. If he's not better in a week then we have to take him back to the ped. neurologist. I've not been on much because of it all....I now have an ear infection and can't hear out of my good ear :( Just wanted to stop by and send love your way...
    Hugs dear friend, Jerelene

  13. AHHHH she is so adorable Eileen! Thank you thank you thank you so much for such a flattering post. It was N_O_T_H_I_N_G honestly! I LOVED doing it for you. I gave me an excuse knowing it was for someone very special! hehehehe. It is such a pleasure and I have to admit I get such a kick out of it, kind of makes me feel a little guilty because of the meme thing! LOL so happy you and Mia loved it!

  14. Good afternoon Eileen, It's great to see you back blogging again. You were truly missed. How sweet is that little hat, bag, and doll. It's just adorable and something Mia will treasure for a long time. I hope you and your family are well.
    Love, Carol and Charli

  15. What s lovely surprise... so thoughtful and so kind a gesture. The hat and the drawstring bag are both beautiful, but the thoughtfulness of putting a tiny doll inside, to delight a little girl's heart (and Umma's too!)

    Loved this post, Eileen. I will look forward to the picture of Mia wearing the hat.