Sunday, February 28, 2010

There's Coloring And Then There's Coloring!

Jayden and I have been indoors a lot. Between the weather and bouts with colds, coughs, virus, and fever we've been housebound and actually enjoying it. He'd watch lots of his favorite videos while I played favorite games on the computer, and we played some board games, read some books, played "I Spy", and did lots of coloring.
One day while coloring he said to me, "Is it okay if I get crayon on my skin?" I told him that was fine because we could just easily wash it off. Then he said rather urgently, "I'm going to the bathroom!" And off he went. I continued coloring and when he didn't come back I went to investigate and this is what I saw:

Jayden earnestly at work coloring on his face!

"I look very cool, right, Umma?"

Very cool indeed!


  1. Eileen, your days inside sound heavenly with such a sweet grandson to share them with. He looks like he really wants his own beard. I really love the look of your blog, it is so refreshing......big hugs to Jayden and Mia........:-) Hugs

  2. Tell Jayden he will be old soon enough, Eileen.
    Remember Andrew and Dylan, my youngest grandsons, their voices are changing. Each of your photos show so much of his little personality. He's easy to love, isn't he!


  3. When they disappear for a while...and all is quiet....THAT is the time to investigate! They are always up to something that is photo-worthy....and Jayden didn't let us down (again)...
    I hope that the colds and the viruses and the 'whatevers that be' that evoke 'yuck' have left your home....
    We are innundated with much the same here.
    I say: Viruses: be gone! (But, alas, they won't listen to Jackie.) Jack is sick....Jackie is getting better....but not well....but am well enough to travel to my friends' blogs and say hello...and give you a big hug and smile...)
    Paint on, Jayden! Nice job!!!


    I love that you and Jayden even share 'sick-time' and stay close to one another as you get well. It warms me all over. And Jayden is an official face-painter' now. Adorable.

    Love you

  5. Oh Eileen that third photo was just too precious! That expression was priceless. It's great that you let him experiment Eileen. So many people would be worried about the mess! I always tell Sarah when she's here that she can do whatever she wants at grandma's house! She always looks so relieved when I tell her that! But she's not a destructive child so I don't really worry too much! We are having nice and mild temps here, I am hoping that they blow your way! Love Di

  6. BTW before I comment I just have to tell you that I love the song on your player. I kept it on all through dinner last night!

    Jayden's is a funny little guy the way he first checks to see if it's okay to put crayon on himself, and then in a rush, covers his face with it! That 3rd photo is the best...he's trying to get it just right!

    I can relate to this post when my boys were small. I never admitted this at the time, but I was often secretly relieved when they got a little sick so we could have some alone time together...days were time stood still and we just hung out together.

    Do you remember Jessica McClure? That little girl who fell down the well in Texas about 22 years ago? They made a TV movie of it and this music, Danny Boy, was on it towards the end. Makes me think of her and what a heroic adventure it was to save her! I loved the ending line....something like, "There were no heroes here...just a bunch of men trying to do good."

  7. What a cute post! Your little Jayden is adorable. He reminds me so much of my grandson Thomas who lived with us for many years. Please tell Jayden Charli and I think he looks very cool!

  8. he is such a cutie pie! Hey guess what I have done.....and the xtra surprise...too! off into the mail tomorrow....!

  9. Don't know if my comment went back again...if this is duplicate, you can delete!!! Jayden is such a great kid!!! Love him!!! And you are so wonderful to think to capture this on film!! What a fabulous memory!!! You are one of the very, very best ever!!!! Love you!! Janine XO

  10. LOL! Oh, Umma... this is too cute.

    That Jayden is adorable.


    Sheila :-)

  11. This young man is a treasure!!! This is such a fun post!!! Cathy

  12. The pictures are precious. You got just the right looks.

  13. That is priceless. One of my little gd got into my makeup one day and thank goodness most of it I don't even use and It was hilarious. Great post.

  14. Dear Eileen,
    This is such a cute post! And did J-den know you were taking all those pics of him?


  15. Too too cute, Eileen!! Don't you just love how their little minds work??!! Such a joy! (most of the time! HA!!)

    Hugs n love,

  16. Eileen...Your song that is playing is one of my favorites. Val has it on her blog...I LOVE this song.
    I'm checking in on you my friend to see how you are doing.
    Love to you from Jackie