Sunday, November 29, 2009

With Grateful Thanks This First Sunday of Advent

Our parish Church is St. Luke Church. (I'll post pictures soon of the church but today I forgot to take my camera to Mass with me.)

The Pastor of our church wrote about how Advent is a time of joyful expectation and longing. But he also reminded us that Advent is more than just joyful anticipation of Christmas Day.
Of course Advent is a time to prepare for Christmas and joyfully remember the birth of Christ, but Advent is also an all-year event as it is a time to prepare for Christ's Second Coming, it is a time to prepare for the last days. S0 every day must be Advent for us as we prepare for Christ coming now.
He said our parish patron St. Luke gives us very good advice when he tells us to "Be vigilant at all times and pray."

I want to take this time to thank everyone who has helped me prepare for this time by sharing their wonderful recipes, and crafts, and most of all for their words of wisdom, inspiration, and for sharing their Faith and prayer life.
You have helped to make this special time of year even more special for me, and you help to remind me that this special time of year can and should actually be a way of life.

(Here's one of my Blessings showing off his duck hat that he made in school by quacking like a duck!)

(And here he is gobbling with his turkey headdress!)

I can't get over how mature looking he is now! He's really lost that 'baby' look. He's a big boy now!


  1. That big boy sure does seem to be enjoying his first year of school! And what an awesome turkey he makes, makes ya just want to eat him up, Gobble, Gobble!
    Advent is a wonderful time in the church year,it is the one time I truly love to focus on. Not the gift giving, the money to buy the gifts, the stress and hassles. But the joy of knowing that one day Christ will return for us so that we may have everlasting life. It warms my heart and soul. Love and blessings to my special freind.
    Love Di

    You are so wonderful - as you embody all that is right and 'just' in this world by your giving spirit and faithful life that is filled with love and promise and hope.

    Love Gail

  3. Grand post!!! Found the key word in it to be VIGILANT!!! Thank you!!! Cathy

  4. What a nderful post. It's true Advent is really all year long. Thank you Eileen for sharing your heart, your thoughts, your family, and your loves with me. You are a very special and dear person. god bless you and your family ♥

  5. I agree Eileen that this special time of year should be a way of life for all. Appreciation of just life itself. Children just naturally have that capability!
    School does seem to make them grow up fast doesn't it? Tell Jayden he may lose that duck hat if Mia sees it!
    Have a wonderful week with your family Eileen and am happy myself to have you as a friend!

  6. Hi, Eileen... I cannot get over how much Jayden has GROWN! And aren't those cute head pieces. He's an absolute doll.

    Funny, my husband and I had a long conversation at breakfast about the Lord's second coming. All of creation waits in anticipation of that day, according to the scriptures. I know I can't wait! Can you imagine seeing Him face to face??? Except, I imagine that we will all be on our faces before Him. The whole world will bow before Him as He is coming again in Glory as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! Every knee shall bow, every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Now, that is something about which to get excited! :-)



  7. Eileen, I cannot believe how much Jayden has grown since we began blogging together, he is growing up so fast.....and he is such a handsome lad, with eyes to die for.
    I, too love Advent....this is a special time of year and reminds me to be thankful for all that is and all that will be. Our homily was much the same as yours this morning, don't you just love the ritual of the Mass, really says something about tradition doesn't it.
    Many blessings my friend.....:-) Hugs

  8. I think as grandmas we know how to take pictures. I mean, we know what we wished we would have taken pictures of our own children doing. I wish I had taken a pic of all my sons in their kindergarten head dress...but I didn't. Years later these pictures will be priceless to Jayden and to his mom. I think too as grandmas we realize how quickly time goes...and before we know it, they have children of their own wearing a turkey headdress!

  9. Eileen....He has grown so much.
    He's beautiful (don't tell him....they think that's just a term for girls...but he's beautiful!!)...and yes, he's growing up so fast.
    Sometimes, we need to put a brick on their head to keep them from growing, don't we....(an old expression we used to say when I was younger...)sigh.
    Hugs and smiles to you, Eileen.