Friday, November 13, 2009

Ships That Serve America

Jayden was off from school for Veteran's Day so I decided to take him by bus into the city for the day.
I thought it would be nice to see the Veteran's Day Parade (previous post), and I wanted to see the USS Intrepid and also the USS New York before it left our area.
My pictures do not do either of these distinguished ships justice, so I also added some photos taken off the internet.

We got off the bus and made our way to Pier 86, and both Jayden and I were very impressed with what we saw. First we walked over to view the USS Intrepid.

World War II aircraft carrier USS Intrepid was commissioned in 1943 and participated in many invasions and air strikes against the Japanese. After the war the Intrepid also served as a recovery vessel for space missions, picking up astronauts and their capsules. In 1966 the Intrepid was deployed to Viet Nam and did three tours of duty.

The Intrepid was decommissioned on March 15, 1974 and began a new mission honoring our heroes, educating the public, and inspiring youth.
New York City developer and philanthropist Zachary Fisher spearheaded the campaign to save the Intrepid from the scrap yard and the ship opened as a museum in 1982. In 1986 it was designated a National History Landmark.
Intrepid served as temporary headquarters for the FBI during the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack, and also during the early investigations during the weeks following.

Then we turned our attention to the USS New York. The USS New York was built with steel from the rubble of the World Trade Center. The USS New York is a symbol of healing and strength.

Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus, said at the ship's commissioning ceremony, "No matter how many times you attack us, we always come back. America always comes back. That's what this ship represents."
Hundreds of Navy officers and sailors joined first responders and families of September 11 victims when Mabus announced, "I hereby place the USS New York in commission. Man our ship and bring her to life!"

The commissioning ceremony also began with a moment of silence for the victims of the shooting at Fort Hood, Texas.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton attended and spoke at the ceremony saying that many of New York's structures are made of steel but that the strongest steel of New York has always been in the spine of it's people.

When first arriving in New York the USS New York passed the World Trade Center for the first time and the ship gave the site a rifle volley salute.

The USS New York remained here until Thursday, November 12 when she returned to her home port in Norfolk, Virginia.

I thought the flags here were at half-mast for Veteran's Day but Ray said he didn't think the flags are flown at half-mast on Veteran's Day, he said they were at half-mast to honor the victims of the Fort Hood shooting.

Flags flown at half-mast for the victims of the hateful Fort Hood attack and in the backdrop is the ship made from the steel of the remains of the hateful September 11 attack.
It's heart-wrenching.
Unfortunately this war of hate and terror continues on.
God Bless those that serve to protect us and our way of life.

As sad as this sight was to me, it was also inspiring.
It was very moving to see these two legendary ships alongside each other, the USS Intrepid now retired from the Navy but still providing us a service, and the USS New York just starting her career of service to the United States of America, but, she too already carries so much history.


  1. Once again, a great post with information wrapped in heart and emotion. You are privileged to live so near such wonderful sites.

  2. Eileen- this is SO amazing. I learned and saw so much and that picture of Jayden in front of the Intrepid is wonderful. The song playing along with the pictures and your words opf honor and hope are such a tribute to all veterans, all Americans and the pursuit of life-liberty-happiness and the right to live free. Oh yes, "GOD BLESS AMERICA".

    Love and loyalty

  3. What an awesome post! Those pictures are amazing. I would have loved to see those ships! I also liked the picture of Jayden in front of the Intrepid. What an experience. Thanks for sharing ♥ Love to you and your family.

  4. wow THAT WAS BEAUTIFUL Eileen! That had to have been such an honor to go and see. I would love to have been there. As a wife of a Viet Nam Veteran and also wounded soldier I have a great respect for Veterans and all soldiers. I have heard first hand horror stories and also stories of healing and stories of learning. It doesn't matter what war you were in, war is war and never is a good thing. Lives are lost no matter what side you are on. I am sure that Jayden will remember this day with you. Those ships are so over whelming. Great job!

  5. Because of his Umma, Jayden is growing up with such a sense of history and what it means to be an American. I'm not a big fan of Hilary Clinton but I did like what she said about spine of Americans.

  6. First a parade to enjoy and then a tour of ships...Jayden must have been very happy that day Eileen.

    The USS New York has a very haunting look, almost ghost like to me...the appearance seems fitting though.

    I missed commenting on the parade, but I viewed it...we have just been extra busy and away from home often.

    Luv and Smiles,

  7. I am filled with pride my friend. Thank you for the wonderful commemorative post. Just beautiful.
    Love Di

  8. God Bless America....
    The songs, the photos, the text..all perfectly wonderful, Eileen.
    I enjoy coming to your blog for so many reasons.
    You have informative posts...stunning photos.....and you share so much with your and a wealth of knowledge. Your grandchildren are blessed to have you.
    You are teaching them with love. I admire you and hold you in the highest esteem.

  9. Eileen, I am so jealous right now and if you knew me you would know I don't have a jealous bone in my body.. ....I so would love to see those ships but to be able to enjoy them through the eyes of my grandchild would be a dream come true. Thank you my friend for sharing this wonderful day, I think I enjoyed it as much if not more than even you....hugs to Jayden and Mia..:-) Hugs