Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Twenty-four Years Ago

I wasn't going to post about this day for fear of reprisal.

I have a hard time keeping track of who wants to be ignored on my blog and who doesn't mind being mentioned, of who wants to review pictures before they are posted and who doesn't care, who freaks out if their birthday is mentioned and who gets insulted if it is not.
Blogging about the family is sometimes more trouble than it's worth!
But I cannot let this day go by without at least a mention of the fact that twenty-four years ago this evening, our youngest son was born.
I remember calling the doctor's office the night before to tell them that I was in labor, I got the answering service and the woman asked if this was my first baby and when I answered, "No, my fifth", she said that I better get to the hospital ASAP because this one could just slip right out!

Well, TWENTY-TWO HOURS LATER he finally made his arrival into the world!
Sweet baby boy just wouldn't be rushed.

You know, Instigator, you're still like that!

("Instigator" really is not the name that's on his birth certificate, nor is it the name he was Baptized with, but I'm thinking maybe it should have been!
Actually, Ray and I had thought of the name Andrew early on in the pregnancy, but then later we thought of the name William, and for months and months before he was born he was William, then in the last few hours of labor we talked about it and suddenly we went back to Andrew.)

Andrew Jachob (aka Instigator)

There is so much more I want to say, but I'll restrain myself.
(See now, that wasn't too terrible, was it?)


  1. What a beautiful name!! I LOVE his name...and I know his Mama loves him...and vice versa.
    Happy Birthday Andrew Jachob.
    Mamas will never forget the day of the birth of any of their children....a special and blessed day. Blessings to you both....Mama and son.

  2. Hi Eileen,
    I wish Andrew the Instigator a very Happy Birthday! Will there be cake involved?
    Love Di

  3. Eileen, I wish your youngest son
    Andrew Jachob, a Happy Birthday!
    I've noticed the cute face that goes with the name Instigator on your sidebar!

    My youngest son's name is Stephen Andrew and earlierthis afternoon at 3:30 my niece Anedra delivered a 7lb./11oz. baby boy with dark hair! They named him Lee Stephen!

    Luv and Smiles,

  4. Happy Birthday to Andrew!

    Loved this post, Eileen. You are so funny!


    Sheila :-)


    A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR BABY BOY ANDREW!!! :-) aka The instigator! I Love it. :-) And happy birthday to you Eileen -

    Love Gail

  6. Jackie, thanks, it is a special day, and he's a special kid.
    And he said of himself today that he "was a perfect baby, a perfect boy, and now a perfect man", so he saved me the trouble of saying it!

    Hi, Diana, no cake, he doesn't like cake. If I had known for sure he was coming over tonight I would have made him baked ziti (that's his favorite), but I didn't find out until late, and he did me a big favor because he then requested Domino's! BIG SMILE! And we put a candle in that and sang 'Happy Birthday'!

    Wanda, Congratulations on Lee Stephen! Such a happy, joyful time whenever a new baby is welcomed into a family!
    And thanks so much for your good wishes!

    Thank you, Sheila!
    My family is nuts (and they drive me nuts)! But they are my nuts and I love them!

    Thank you, everyone!
    Love to all,

  7. Oh, Gail, I always seem to be commenting at the same time as someone else visiting here!
    Thank you so much, Gail!
    He's really a good sport and he doesn't mind me mentioning him a little, but I try not to go overboard!
    He's not as bad as some of them but he does like to instigate trouble with the ones that do not appreciate my blog at all!
    He's earned his nickname (and I think he's proud of it!).
    Love to you, Eileen

    Your loving Aunt, Diane

  9. Happy Birthday Andrew, oh you drew the longest straw when you got your mum and dad as I know how much you are loved......
    Love the new look of your blog Di, big hugs to Jayden and Mia.....:-) hugs

  10. Happy birthday Andrew!!! I also love the look of your blog. I hope you are having a wonderful day ♥

  11. Oh, and I'm pretty sure his middle name is "Jabob".

  12. OOooo, look at the fancy new background!! So pretty! There ain't nothin' wrong with birthday pizza ! Love you, Di

  13. Oh I love the birth stories and looking back. How can we not do that as mothers?? Those were the most profound days of our lives...and you got to experience it 5 times!

  14. Hello Eileen! a few things make since that didn't before :) Happy Birthday to Andrew Jachob...and a happy day to you too. (belated :)
    I love what you've done with the blog...very pretty!!!
    I've sent you a couple of e-mails...
    Have a good day....
    Love You....Jerelene

  15. Like I have said to others, today is a day for you to celebrate giving birth! So Happy BIRTH day to you Eileen! If it were not for you....the instigator would not be here! Well you did play a huge part of it! Congrats to your hubby too!

  16. Eileen...This was simply perfect!!!! What a great sense of humor you have!!! Happy Birthday to your son!!! You are a wonderful, and very fun Mom!!! Love you! Janine XO

  17. What a beautiful story, the name Andrew Jachob is so special. Jacob is one of my favorite characters in the Bible, and I would have loved to have a son named Jacob.

    I also loved the previous post of Talbott's song, Be Not Afraid. John Talbott was one of my husband's favorite singers in the early eighties!

    Loved reading the past posts since I last visited here. You have such a sense of joy that lights up my heart.


  18. Hi Eileen,
    Did you get reprisal? I hope not! Happy Birthday Andrew! I have not told my kids about my blog, go figure...
    ((((HUGS)))) T

  19. We had selected Jacob Andrew as our 3rd child's boy name. That was before you knew if you were going to have a boy or a girl :) It turned out we had Amber Leigh instead of J.A.

    All that to say, I'm partial to that name -- A.J.
    May God continue to protect, define, and refine your Andrew's life for God's glory and Andrew's good future.