Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Little Black Dress

I'm very happy to participate in Carol's "The Little Black Dress" party. Many thanks to our hostess Carol @ Charli and Me, she has a wonderful blog that is full of inspiration, advice, book reviews, Bible quotes, and prayer, and Carol also takes us along on her many travels and tours, she shares her family and her Faith, and her precious Charli, and so much more!
I hope you will click on her blog to view the others that have opted to participate in her party too!

Now I don't have just one special 'little black dress' with a story attached to it because I have so many black dresses! Black is my favorite color for clothing and as I shop I have to force myself to reach for other colors! But especially when I am shopping for dresses, black is beautiful!
My dresses aren't exactly "little" black dresses either, as I am not exactly a very little person (in fact, I am somewhat of an Amazon as I am five foot eight inches tall and tipping the scale at...No! No! Let's not even go there!).

I'm sorry the pictures are so bad, it's hard to photograph black! I am far from a professional photographer, and I am the furthest thing from a model so I did not do these designs justice at all.
Also, while trying the dresses on, I was getting tired of changing and my personal photographer (my four-year-old grandson Jayden) was getting tired of snapping pictures of me!

He did have fun at first though:
"Umma, stand over there!"



"Oh, wait, Umma, I didn't get your shoes that time!"

"Umma, hold this book!"

"Umma, fix your hair, I don't think it looks too good like that."

And, finally...

"Umma, I quit!"

Me too, Jayden! Good job!
(Actually the pictures are a little blurry, but very good for a four-year-old, and he did a great job of centering! Much better than I do!)

First I'll start with two favorite black jackets I like to wear with these black dresses (and with other dresses too).
I love this little brocade topper, I like it's boxy shape, big buttons, and three-quarter ruffled sleeves:

This black jacket is also a favorite, I love the peplum style, and the material is comfortable.

I tried to get a picture of the pretty seam details but I'm not sure if you'll be able to see it.

And here are some of my favorite black dresses (I didn't spend more than $100 on any dress or suit, and most were under $50 and purchased at TJ Maxx, a few were purchased on sale at Macy's, and a few were purchased on sale through on-line catalogs):

This is a plain long black velvet dress. The thing I love most about this dress is the blue/black velvet duster that came with it. My daughter used this dress once in high school when she had to dress as Stevie Nicks!

(Look, see my heel slipped on the floor there and I caught myself on the file cabinet and Jayden was laughing, I think that's why this one is blurry!)

This dress is very comfortable and I reach for it a lot. It's an empire waist style and I love how it's gathered at the bodice. The details of why I love this dress do not show up at all in the pictures!

(Jayden didn't laugh while snapping this one and it's pretty good, but I was laughing at him yelling "Action!")

I wish you could see how pretty this gathered bodice looks. Oh well.

This is a very simple long black dress, vee neck and aline. This dress I've had for years and years, and thankfully due to the A-line style, it still fits!

This is just a plain shift style black dress. This one I've had for years and years too, but this one was tight when I tried it on (it's on under the jacket in the first photo). Time to think seriously about dieting! Well, even if I lost the weight, it's too short for this old lady now, time to pass it on I think. (And that way I can keep satisfying my sweet tooth too!)

I love this simple Evan Picone dress. I especially like the white piping and the double hem. I got this dress in TJ Maxx for fifteen dollars!

In the warmer weather I usually wear this dress with a white cardigan (I couldn't find it though, I guess I stored it away for the Winter already).
At this time of year I wear one of the black jackets or a black cardigan, which I should have had on to cover up a little more!(When Jayden snapped this one I was saying to him, "It's not a video camera!", because he wanted me to dance!)

This is a mid-length evening dress, with three-quarter sleeves and it's a faux wrap style, with a handkerchief hem and with a jewel detail at the waist. I love the style, I really don't like the jewel details though. This dress I had bought to wear to my niece's wedding when I heard she got engaged. But then she decided to have an outdoor picnic wedding! So I haven't gotten a chance to wear this one anywhere yet.

This is a shorter evening dress. I like the ruching at the waist and I love the double straps.

This Dana Buchman black suit is more a Fall/Winter weight suit, but I've worn it at other times of the year. I've worn this to a lot of functions, I feel like it's dressy enough for a special occasion and it's plain enough for a not-so-formal occasion. Sadly, lately I've been wearing this suit mostly for funerals.

The suit jacket has a velvet collar and velvet cuffs with a pretty scroll work design.

It's hard to see in this picture but the jacket has velvet covered buttons too:

(Here Jayden was saying, "Don't look at me, Umma, read your book!")

Detail of the cuff:

Okay, now I have many, many shoes to go with these dresses but I won't show you my whole shoe store, I'll only show you half:
Again, the pictures are not great, and I guess it doesn't help that I propped these black shoes on a black dresser top to photograph them!
And also it's very hard to take good pictures of shoes when you are wearing them! Oh well.

These Steve Madden Mary Janes are a favorite pair. I love the plaid, I love the button closure, and I love the comfortable heel size.

These next ones I love more for their comfort rather than the style.

These black suede shoes are very comfortable too and I loved the white stitching on them.

I once had a pair of Steve Madden black suede Mary Janes with a three buckle closing that my sister-in-law Susie loved, so I gave them to her. Then I happened to spot these Naturalizer Mary Janes that looked very similar (only one strap, but I still loved them!):

I like these sparkly mules, the heel is high, but with the open back they are still comfortable.

These shoes are very similar but with a much lower heel, good for when I am walking long city blocks!

These pretty silver slides my girlfriend Barbara bought for me when I had admired a pair that she had!

I have lots of bags and purses too to go with my black wardrobe, but today I'll just show my two favorites.
I like this bag because it's big enough to fit a greeting card (great for a wedding!) along with a few other items:

And this mesh drawstring bag I love because it's very roomy, it's unique, and mostly I love it because it belonged to my Mom (I wrote about this bag in one of my 'Friday Favorites' posts):

Okay, there you have some of my black wardrobe! (I actually have lots more black dresses! And I have tons of black pants suits too, but this would be a never-ending post if I showed them all!) Now please visit Carol to view the little black dress she has waiting for you!
Carol, many thanks, this was lots of fun! Especially after I got Jayden involved in the project!

And here is my little photographer now...Smile! (Or I guess I should say...Action!)

And here he is...

...peeking at us from behind the camera!

Thank you, Jayden!
Thank you, Carol!


  1. Eileen, what a fun fashion show! Loved all of the dresses, and the model is so pretty! :-)

    My favorite and one of the most flattering on you is that evening dress with the three quarter sleeves and the rhinestone clasps. Now, I know whose closet in Blogville to go raid when I need a LBD!

    Have missed you and hope you are well...


    Sheila :-)

  2. You have a wonderfully extensive black wardrobe. I only have three black dresses. Since I started nursing so many years ago and having to wear white everyday...I usually choose colored fabrics over basic black as well. But you are very attractive in that "basic" color!!! Thank you!!! :) Cathy

  3. Good morning Eileen, What a great post! Again, I feel like I've been to another fashion show. Thank you so much for partisipating. This has been so much fun! All of your dresses and shoes are just lovely and what a truly beautiful model you are! Please tell Jayden I think he did a wonderful job. Do I sense photograpy some where in his future?

  4. Loved this, Eileen...what a great job you did and a lot of work too! Guess what? It showed up in my blogger posts three times, so i expected to see it published three times! Oh well, at least it worked while you are gone! Great, great job, loved it all!

    You are a very lovely model and you wear black so well. I cannot wear black (skin too pale)without looking like the walking dead or a hooker, neither of which appeals to the eye.

    You did a good job of showing your pretty shoes as well and it is awesome that you can still wear heals so high and so well. I love heels but I am stuck with wearing clogs for several years ever since having some wacko problem with the bones in my left foot (luckily it doesn't show but it sure hurts in enclosed shoes, even gym shoes!)

    Thank you for the cute photos of Jayden at the end...he is such a doll and looks so much like you!

    blessings and schoochy hugs,


  5. Popped over from Carol's to check out your dress!
    what wonderful dresses you have! I loved them all especially the one with the side clasps. That one really, really suited you well.

    I had so much fun reading this! Thanks so much. Great post.

  6. Lovely Eileen, you are just beautiful and black is also my choice in clothing color! Jayden amazed me with his camera skills! You must be working with him. I hope you are having a good time, love Di

  7. Loved your fashion show Eileen and sense of and deep dark jewel tones are my favorite choices for clothing. I can not wear pastels.
    Your dresses and suits are beautiful and I enjoyed the show...but your photographer stole the show from you! He's a natural behind and in front of the camera, just too cute.
    I have missed you!

    Luv and Smiles,

  8. I loved all the dresses, but when I got to the photographer I forgot the dresses. He is surely a handsome boy. Used to wear shoes like that but no more. Particularly like the long dress with the jacket. If you check out my contribution, I have never had a black dress.


    I love ALL your black dresses, jackets and accessories - one can add just about anything to black and it looks classy. :-) You look very classy I might add.
    And Jayden's eyes are gorgeous!!

    Love you

  10. came over from Charli and Me...what a great fashion show..great need to keep him on the payroll...

  11. Oh, my DEAR! You really "went to town"! You're a one woman style show with an excellent photographer to boot!

    I *heart* those pointy-toed black shoes I saw in one photo...and the details on the jacket charm me. Some of the evening gowns really caught my eye, too.

    If Jaden were here, I'd probably have pulled out some of my black to show, too. I'm actually wearing some black jeans as I visit :)

    Missing you, but now can see how busy you've been changing outfits, etc. (Smile)

    Love & prayers, R

  12. OH my goodness you have such a beautiful assortment of little black dresses! I have 2 and 1 formal one! WOW they are just beautiful! I especially love the spaghetti strapped dress! yummy! HOW FUN! I will have to snap a few pics too. Little Black???you can NEVER go WRONG!

  13. Eileen, you are absolutely gorgeous and what a beautiful wardrobe you have. I loved everything but I loved the black dress with the hankerchief hem.....all the shoes were great but those plaid ones were awesome....I wouldn't wear them with my favorite dress of yours though)...what a wonderful job Jayden did, now that must of been fun...hope you are enjoying Florida, we all miss you. Big hugs to Mia and Jayden, keep enjoying your vacation my friend.........:-) Hugs

  14. Eileen....It took me a while to get here (my apologies)....but I stayed and stayed...enlarging and looking at the details on your beautiful! I'm amazed at all the black dresses you have!!! And, may I add, you look absolutely fabulous in each of them.
    I love the black hose...and the shoes!! To die for! I see a Dress Barn label...I love to shop there!. I have to get a petite (not because I'm thin...but because I am 'height-challenged'...and I can find petites at Dress Barn. This is a great blog...and you had a fantastic photographer. Hugs to the photo guy!

  15. You are a natural model. I like the dresses too. My favorite shoes are the first ones in the comfort section. They are really cute. I'm also amazed that you have so many black numbers. I have several black blouses but not one black dress.

  16. are one gorgeous chicky!!! :)
    I loved all the dresses and all the jackets and shoes too. My favorite dress was the one with the pretty rhinestones on the side and I love the pointy toed black sparkly shoes...actually, I really loved the plaid Mary Janes....a lot!!
    Jayden is just a natural photographer isn't he?
    I loved the pose with you reading...that is so funny!! Jayden is a hoot!!
    I got the sweet postcard a couple of days ago..and I got your sweet card today. My oldest daughter was just itching to open it..:) The minute I walked in from co-op she came running with it and said...Look got a card from Eileen...lemme open it...please, please...She cracked the corner open, by I grabbed it from her. Sam and I were singing all afternoon..bibbidy bobbidy boo!!!! Thank you so much for being such a sweet friend to me..and sam and mickey too!!
    I hope that you got mine doesn't sing :( but please know that it came with lots of love :)
    Love You!!!

  17. Eileen, You are soooo very beautiful!!!! What an absolutely fun and delightful post!!! I felt like a fly on the wall at a high fashion photo shoot :-) And what a photographer Jayden is!!!!! I loved this!!! It's so great to get to know you!!! You are such a fun-loving person!!! All my love to you~Janine XO