Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day And Night/Black And White/Well, You Get The Idea

There is a vast difference between my two grandchildren. My four-year-old grandson truly is ALL BOY! He's a whirlwind, he's rough and tumble, he's climbing all over the furniture, he can't sit still, he leaves a trail of toys behind him, he loves getting (and staying) dirty, and he's loud and boisterous! And Jayden turns up his nose at most fruits and vegetables, tells me that he is 'too full' to eat, but then whines for dessert.
He loves monsters and he constantly wants to play 'fighting' games. All his make-believe play involves fighting of some sort!
This is what I hear from him all the time:

"Umma, I know you don't like guns, but can't you please play guns just this one time?"
"No, Jayden."

"Umma, I know you don't like swords, but can't you please let's play sword fight for just a little bit?"
"No, Jayden."

"Umma, I know you don't like light sabers, but please, just for a tiny bit can't we play that?"
"No thank you, Jayden."

And I hear a lot of this from Jayden:

My two-year-old granddaughter Mia on the other hand, is the perfect little lady. She's calm, she's quiet, she's loves to have me read book after book to her, and she asks to please wash her hands before and after she eats! She was here the other day while Jayden was in school and that's when I noticed the distinct differences in them. Mia plays quietly with her little ducks, or her princesses, or her fairies. And the only climbing Mia does is that she loves to climb onto my lap for stories or songs, and when my friend Barbara stopped in for a cup of coffee, Mia quietly occupied herself. It was a far cry from Jayden interrupting our conversation every five minutes! And she's more than happy to eat almost anything healthy that is put on her plate.
This is what I hear from Mia all the time:

"Grandma, do you want to read me this book?"
"Sure, Mia!"

"Grandma, can you help me wash my hands now?"
"Of course, Mia!"

"Grandma, do you want to be Snow White and I will be Sleeping Beauty?"
"No thank you, Mia."
(As much as I don't like playing 'fighting' games, I'm not really into playing 'princess' anymore either!).

In spite of that, this is what I hear most often from Mia:
"Grandma, this is fun!"

Jayden has been in school full-time for a few weeks now. For six hours a day my home is silent. And amazingly the house stays clean during the week. He usually comes home and has a snack, then asks to watch a favorite TV program and falls asleep for an hour or two, school wears him out I guess!

I actually love that my grandchildren have such different personalities. And I love that somehow those personalities were actually beginning to mesh very nicely over the summer. Jayden no longer looked at Mia as the bothersome baby who would come here and take all his Umma's attention and interrupt all his fun. And to Mia, Jayden was no longer just the loud, rambunctious bully who used to scare her. They were actually becoming good friends, playing 'spy' together (a secret game that Jayden made up and they would allow me to join in), Jayden would read the map and Mia would hold the flashlight for him, and I would be the look-out (but I have no idea what I was on the look out for! I never did find out if we were the spies or if we were on the look out for spies!). And Jayden would invite Mia to play with her Disney Princesses and Fairies, and her ducks in the Bat Cave and in Spiderman's secret laboratory with him and his Super Heroes, and they had so much fun playing with the Play-Doh together, and in the sandbox, and with water toys, and Jayden would even play tea party with Mia.

And while it's very nice to have some one-on-one time with my granddaughter, I miss very much watching the two of them play together. So, I'm very happy for the weekends when Mia visits and I can watch them taking turns giving each other rides in a toy stroller, playing Princess and Super Hero, and plotting their latest spy caper together!


  1. What fun!!! It is always such a delight to visit here!!! Your grandchildren are grand and what "sunshine" smiles they have...I'm smiling!!! :) Cathy

  2. Good morning Eileen, Your grandchildren are just adorable ♥ I'll bet they have so much fun together. Boys and girls are so different aren't they? Our granddaughter was so lady like and dainty. Our grandson's were constantly teasing, getting into things, and climbing. I miss those days so much. It's like I get to relive them through your blog. It's fun to come here to see what your grandchildren have been up to. I hope you have a beautiful day ♥

  3. Good morning is good to see Jayden and Mia at play...they have become 2 of my favorite little people. The photo of Jayden just eating away with his overalls unsnapped is all boy and funny, while Mia just quietly sits and nibbles politely like a princess.

    Having 6 g/sons, I can verify that boys do play differently and are more active...but they can always play together well with the g/daughters at something. Boys do mellow out and girls do get roudier at some point.

    My most rambunctious g/son(Nathan) was here last night at my computer sitting still for 3 hours doing school assignments and something to do with college registration. He was just like Jayden when little...all over the place and investigating everything.

    They all have their boy or girl tendencies and their own little personalities which makes them so special...Something to savor for so many years to come Eileen...when they leave one stage, there's always another taking it's place...just adding to your memories.

    Smiles and luv,

  4. This is a post to just make one smile and enjoy every little bit! How can you stand all that cuteness? I would be smooching the living daylights out of the two of them. The BIG advantage to having been a kissing maniac with my own little ones is that they have done so with their children so that I can keep on being the smoochy monster with the grandchildren who just put up with it!

    blessings and huge hugs (pls hug them both for me),


  5. I am trying not to be sexist here, I have a daughter, but I just think little girls are the best. Its so hard not to think it!!

  6. Hi Eileen,
    You described the differences between boys and girls pretty darn well! In fact, I am reading a book about that exact thing, it is called "Captivating" and in the women's Daybreak group we are doing a bible study on "Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman's Soul" and as you described Mia's play time, it was described the exact same way in the book. Little girls love adventure, romance (being the rescued princess), and relationships and beauty. If we think about it, we all still love those things. It talks about how woman was the "final touch" of God's creation, the beautiful finishing touch! I wonder how many of us feel that way about ourselves? I know I had a hard time with it : ) ((((HUGS)))) T

  7. Hi Eileen-

    I so - so - so - admire your relationship with your grand-babies. I recall when mine were younger that I too was very active on a daily basis as you are. -) It was wonderful. They are olde now and long since have moved quite a distance away. :-( If I were to be able to ask God one question it would be - " WHy did you bless me with grandchildren and then have them be so far away so that I could not continue to be active in their daily lives?" Oh I kow that theyh are still in my life and we write and call and love via all forms of communcation but it is just not the same as when they were here with us. Oh well - life goes on and things change. I love, love, love your "Umma world" - I do Eileen - mine was the same and for that I will always be greatful.
    Love and deep admiration and honor for ALL that you are and do as Umma, as Eileen, as a woman and a friend, a wife and mother. I applaud you.

    Love Gail

  8. I don't know if I've ever seen 2 grandchildren who look so much like their Umma! I love their dark thick hair too.
    I've always been intrigued by the differences between male and female. Being I had all sons we never had the balance in our home...but I do now with the grandchildren.
    Hey, and I'm glad to see I'm not the only grandma who declines offers to play! :))I would rather watch them play than play with them.

  9. It's all fun and games until someone pokes an eye out!
    Sorry Eileen, Jake is always saying this and it's what came to mind when you were describing the little rough and tumble Jayden!
    Even though baby Jack is only 16 months old I can clearly see the differences between him and Sarah. Very similar to what you described with Jayden and Mia only Jack isn't role playing yet. But he is all boy!
    It is so interesting to see these differences! And I am glad that you are getting six hours a day to yourself!
    I had to laugh though when you said that Jayden was sooo tired after school and has to take a nap because Kate is almost 15 and is sooo tired after school that she too has to take a nap!
    Love Di

  10. The photos of Jayden and Mia eating should be awarded 'photos of the day.' They sum up the entire post...
    I love your grandchildren. Through your posts I feel like I have grown to know them...and I am always happy to come here and read about you and your family. Your are the best Umma....the best.

  11. I love how you have shared Jayden's and Mia's personalities with us. They are both so sweet and you glow as you describe them. They are and always will be unique individuals who will love you unconditionally as you love them. They look more like brother and sister than cousins and I too see a strong resemblance to your side of the family. Love reading about your family and your beautiful grandchildren, enjoy each stage and phase they go through. They are amazing and beautiful, hugs to both of them, luv ya......:-) Hugs

  12. I agree with everyone else..the photos of the two of them eating are adorable..especially Jayden..that made me laugh so hard!! That and Umma you're boring...hilarious :)
    They really are beautiful are so lucky and I can tell how much you love them!
    Lovely post Eileen!!
    Love You....Jerelene

  13. Loved your post today! so sweet, these children are so darn cute well no not cute, BEAUTIFUL! Day and night between them and mine. YES boys are soooo boyish..hehehe I love my little princesses. I love how Owen who is 11 months older than his sister Lauren is such a care-taker. He loves to really play with her and make sure she is doing things with him he let's her ride in his little 4 wheeler and stuff he even calls her "babe" when he is seriously taking care of her. Too funny. They are the best aren't they!? Fun to see your post today. PHEW, I am actually catching up!

  14. I sure enjoyed the diversion of the antics and activities of these two beautiful, beautiful children. May God continue to care for them as they grow and develop into mature young people & adults all too soon!