Friday, October 30, 2009

The House Guest

This is Speedy...

...he is our house guest for the weekend. My sister dropped him off this morning and all was well until Jayden came home from school. Since then Speedy has jumped up on Jayden numerous times and he has tried to steal his food. I put Speedy out in the foyer and closed the door until Jayden could finish eating his after school snack, and when I went to retrieve Speedy I found that he left me a quite a few gifts! He not only knocked down all the pillows to the floor that were on the bench in the foyer but he also left me a very moist gift and a not-so-moist gift! My sister warned me that he will do that when he gets mad. I guess he was mad!
Oh, for goodness sakes!
Well, I got out the gloves, the Lysol, the carpet cleaner, the anti-bacterial spray, and I went to work scrubbing the offended spot. And Speedy acts like the insulted one!
Before this he wouldn't leave my side, now he's just laying on his pillow in the kitchen.
Jayden tried to coax him out of his bad mood, but Speedy would have none of it! (In fact, I think he's growling! He looks like he's growling, doesn't he? Or sneering at us anyway!)

And now I have lots of scented candles burning trying to rid the house of Speedy's lingering gifts!

On a happier note, here's Jayden heading out to school this morning dressed for his Halloween party there. He's supposed to be Captain Jack Sparrow, the jacket finally fits (way too big in previous years), but the pants wouldn't fit over his gym uniform, and his head is now way too big for the hat (with attached dreadlocks) that came with the costume. Even the hat he has on I had to cut the back of it to get it to fit!

(Finally a day where he is happy about leaving the house for school!)

And, a BIG THANK YOU to Jill @ Grandma Honey for posting about her breakfast (Oat Bran with Almond Butter or Peanut Butter) the other day! I tried it this morning, and, Jill, I loved it!
You can read about it at Our Favorite Breakfast on her blog. It's now my favorite breakfast too! Jill's post is complete with pictures, I forgot to take one.


  1. Oh no, nothing is worse than an unhappy house guest Eileen, especially if it's a dog! Hope he behaves and stops with the messes, that could get old quick, just remember he doesn't like the foyer! I wonder how he will react to trick or treaters. Do very many come to your door? We only get grandchildren and their friends that may come with them!

    Sweet Jayden is not at all camera shy is he? He makes a really cute Jack Sparrow!

    Enjoy the weekend Eileen,

  2. Oooooh...I would have been an unhappy camper had I found those gifts from the houseguest.
    Could you give HIM away as a treat on
    Halloween? (just kidding...)
    Jayden is a cute pirate....and I wish that he was happy every day that he left for school.
    School should be fun!!!

  3. You tried my oatbran and almond butter? I'm impressed! I love seeing my name on your blog. Makes me feel important :))

    Speedy...what a name. I like it, makes me laugh:)) So cute, maybe his last name should be Gonzales! And I must say you go all out trying to get rid of that smell. You don't do anything in a small way.

  4. Hi Eileen-

    Jayden is just 'too cute'. :-) Speedy? Not so much. heehee Great post.

    Love to you

  5. Jayden makes an excellent Jack Sparrow! Is Mia going to be a duck? And don't you just hate an unappreciative house guest?
    Poor little Speedy is probably just very confused! How long will he be staying Eileen?
    Love Di

  6. Oh, my goodness Eileen, that is just too funny! Well, you know what I mean...I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time, but LOL..its sure funny now!

    Jayden is such a little are sure a lucky grandma to have those precious children to love, and get loved back! He looks so handsom in his costume...anything to make school fun, right? LOL!

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my post tonight...sometimes I wonder if I'll get a nasty comment with my views, but I have to do it. So thankful for your support!

    God bless,Eileen...have a fabulous week-end!


  7. Thanks for visiting, everyone!

    Wanda, Speedy is back to liking me already! He was here last year for Halloween too, but we had gates up for Mia then so she couldn't get into the kitchen and that's where he stayed when trick-or-treaters came. The gates are gone now so I'm not sure what tomorrow will bring because he does go nuts when the bell rings. And, yes, we get lots of children coming some years and I think tomorrow especially because it's not a school day.

    Jackie, I wish Jayden was happy going to school too! And that's exactly what his teacher says that school should be fun. She is so sweet and she is trying everything and anything to make Jayden happy!

    Jill, you are too cute! And I really do love that breakfast! In fact, I don't think I've gotten one recipe from you that I didn't like. You gave us that Asian peanut butter recipe that my family all enjoyed, and I don't know if I told you that I tried that slow-cooker pork recipe and everyone was wild about that one too! Thank you!

    Hi, Gail, and thanks! And Speedy's not so bad, I was forewarned I should have known better than to lock him away from us!

    Hi, Diana, I'm not sure what Mia is going to be this year but I think it will be one of the Disney Princesses or maybe Tinkerbelle (she was a duck last year!).
    Speedy is only staying until Sunday, and we're all friends again. He forgave me after I fed him dinner!

    D, I should have known better, you did say he does that when he gets mad. But, Diane, he's such a brat too, he seriously completely ignored me after that for hours and hours, and he was like sulking in the kitchen! And he was doing that growling thing where he kind of snarls and growls out one side of his mouth. I was getting nervous so I told Jayden to just leave him alone. Now he likes us all again though. Jayden and I walked him after he ate and Jayden gave him his treat when we got back in, so everything is honky-dory again!
    Enjoy your time away!

    Have a great weekend, everyone!
    Love to you all!,

  8. Oh, Mary, we must have been commenting at the same time!
    Thanks for stopping by!

    I don't like to make my blog political either, but lately I just can't keep my mouth shut! I'm not interested in politics, I don't have much admiration for our politicians (Republican or Democrat), and lately I really feel that we, the people, are like the Hunchback of Notre Dame, we are Quasimodo and Washington is the hump on our backs and it's time to dump the hump!

    And don't get me started on the Government vs Christians! I'll have to start a whole new blog to get on that soap box!

    I'm glad I met you, Mary!
    Love to you!,

  9. Hi Eileen, oh Jayden is just to cute and Speedy doesn't look too speedy in his photo. Glad everyone made friends again....I am looking forward of seeing a picture of Mia and Jayden when they go out tomorrow night (hope you take one)
    I am still chuckling over your comment to Mary, Eileen I don't think anyone likes government and I also think it's normal for people to blame them and complain (me included) I have yet to hear anyone say "oh I just love our government". You have such an interest you should get involved....but somehow I think you are just too honest.....Luv ya......:-) Big Hugs to Jayden and Mia.....:-)

  10. I'm not a pet person, so am totally disgusted! But I admire your heart, Eileen :)

    Jayden looks great! Glad he looked forward to school THAT day, at least.

    I'm going to have a look at that breakfast. It sounds wonderful.

    Can you tell I'm in a hurry? But I'm SO glad for these few minutes to catch up with you!

  11. Hi, Bernie, Speedy is not very speedy anymore, I think he's about twelve now, but once in awhile he goes nuts running around the house, which Jayden gets a kick out of!

    And, yes, I'm sure we'll get lots of pictures!
    AND, I never had an interest in politics and really felt that it didn't matter who was in charge things just would not change for the better. But now I see the country going in a direction I'm not happy with. And for the first time in my life I have felt put down for my Christian views (it was something that happened during the campaign), and then I found all these blogs where others felt the same and they were all shocked that this was the first time I was ever touched by that type of discrimination. (But I think because of where I live there is more tolerance, and also I've never had to deal with my children going to public schools).
    Anyway, I just felt in my heart I couldn't be silent and look the other way anymore.

    Rebecca, believe it or not I'm not a big pet person either, yet, we have had three dogs (at once) as pets. They are long gone now and truthfully, I do not miss the work of them.

    Also, Rebecca, I hope you stop back here to read because I wanted you to know that I am having trouble accessing your blogs, they will come up and I see the banner and the side bars but the blog itself never appears. That happened to me when we were away too, but here at home yours and Diana's are the only ones I'm still having trouble with.
    'Hope that problem clears up soon!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Love to you!,

  12. Oh Dear, Speedy is missing his mother. Charli does the same thing when I leave but thank goodness no accidents in the house. Instead she will look for things to get into. She will take the trow iff the sofa and the pillows. The pillows are almost bigger than her. I don't know how she does it. Jayden makes a very cool Captain Jack! He's is so darling. I just love him ♥ I hope all of you have a very happy and blessed Halloween.

  13. What a character that Speedy is!!!!! Goodness! You've had your hands full!!!! Hope your beautiful candles did the trick!!!! On the happier note, Jayden looks really great in his costume!! Such a handsome and happy boy! What joy he must bring you! Although I am so sorry that you've had to contend with Speedy's naughtiness, your post brought me big smiles today!!! Love you! Janine XO

  14. OMG Eileen, when you said "Oh for Goodness Sakes!! I about fell off my chair laughing. I could almost see your expression as you said it, and I bet that was not at all what you were thinking when you saw all the gifts Speedy left! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Too darn funny! Life really has it's moments doesn't it?!!! ((((HUGS)))) T

  15. LOL, Eileen... life at your house is always entertaining.

    And I love that little pirate and the growling dog.


    Sheila :-)