Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

'Hope you all enjoyed the day!
I know we did!

Here's Jayden decorating cupcakes (I got the idea from Carol on one of her posts @ Charli and Me , thanks, Carol, he had lots of fun with this!):

And here he's very happy and proud with his results!

And Jayden had a variety of costumes to choose from, he decided he wanted to be a Power Ranger so first he dressed as Optimus Prime (not sure if that is the correct name, I'm not up on my Power Rangers!):

And later in the afternoon he dressed as Bumble Bee:

Here's Bumble Bee and Speedy.

Mia decided on Sleeping Beauty from her array of Princess costumes:

But she was a very sad trick-or-treater when she got to Grandma's house and saw (and heard) our house guest (Speedy, my sister's dog) and she refused to come into the house!

But she did agree to come up on the front porch. Here she's opening a goody bag that my sister Diane left for her.

And here she's adding the little duck Grandpa bought for her!

My son just called now and said when they got back home Mia said she really wants to visit, so Ray found the old baby gates in the basement and is putting them up right now to try and contain Speedy, let's see if she'll come into the house now.

Yea! She sees that Speedy is safe in the kitchen, and he's actually behaving himself, only barked a little this time, and Mia being safe in Grandma's arms, she's happy and she's willing to come in.

And here comes Mario (Jayden's third costume for the day)!

Now we're all set to enjoy Jayden's handiwork!

Jayden's teacher did a little surprise 'Pumpkin Hunt' in the playground during his school Halloween party yesterday, and then today his Mom and Dad helped him carve a little jack-o-lantern:



  1. Hey Sweetie!! What fun pics!! I LOVE the ones of both the kids on the couch! Mia is precious in her outfit! My oldest daughter Sam, was a box of movie popcorn for her church's fall festival, and she won first place!!! If I can I'll post a pic in a couple of days! She did an awesome job!

    Have a blessed Sunday, and thank so much for your sweet bloggy friendship!!
    Love and hugs,

  2. You have beautiful grandchildren....such a pretty princess and a handsome Mario. Tell Jayden his cupcakes look sooo yummy, that Ms. Jackie the school teacher gives him an "A+" for them.
    You look radiant as you are holding Mia...!! Just beautiful.
    I'm glad that your grandchildren had a good day today (and that Jayden had fun at school in Friday with the pumpkin hunt.)
    Smiles and hugs from Jackie

  3. Hi Eileen,
    Loved reading your post about Speedy, and on today's post, how Jayden and Mia spent their Halloween. Lovely pictures, lovely children... I enjoy reading your posts, always so full of love and joy!

    Have a great Fall season ahead of you. I heard it's extra cold this year, and even snowstorming in some parts of the East already!

    Well, keep warm!


  4. Oh Umma... I told you how many times... It is Optimus Prime from Transformers... Not Power Rangers...

  5. Oh Eileen thank you for this post. This was the first year that we weren't able to participate and it was fun seeing all that you, Jayden and Mia were able to do.
    I felt like I was there with you too! Thanks for that Eileen, Love you, Di

  6. Hi, everyone! Thanks for visiting!

    Becky, I hope you do post the picture of Sam, I'd love to see her, it sounds adorable! And I really enjoyed your Fall tips on your last post!

    Thanks, Jackie, it was a fun day! And I was thrilled that Jayden seemed happy by the end of the week at school!

    Hi, Lidj, thanks for stopping by, I've really enjoyed your blog and I'm going to find some quiet time this week to catch up on your other blog (I didn't realize that you had another one!).

    Diana, I was just thinking about you and all you've had to go through lately, and I was wondering if you felt it was just as well you didn't have all that Halloween decorating to do this year, or if it made you miss it all.

    I thought we'd have so many kids trick-or-treating this year being that Halloween fell on a Saturday, but we have SO MUCH candy left over!

    Oh, AND ELLIE! Why did you leave a comment as ME?? Change the profile before you post next time!
    And in reply, it's hard enough for me to figure out the Disney Princesses forget about Super Heroes!

    Love to all!,

  7. Such cuteness! Those cupcakes look YUMMY! Jayden was so proud- look at his sweet face! They absolutely adore you and I can see why.:) Lori

  8. How absolutely adorable, Eileen! They are the cutest ones, and so are those cupcakes and that precious little pumpkin. Loved seeing this. Glad the issue with Speedy was resolved.


    Sheila :-)

  9. Hi Eileen,
    Loved seeing your grandchildren smiling and all dressed up, enjoying the day. Jayden's cupcakes looked so good, and his pumpkin was amazing. Lol! I am still laughing over the gifts that Speedy left you when he got mad, and your saying "Oh, for Goodness Sakes!" I hope he didn't decide he was mad again when you locked him in the! I absolutely loved your post today.

    I have a similar story to tell, except, I did not say "Oh, for Goodness Sake!" I said, what I bet you were! No, no one would say what I said...

    The other day while at the 'Dogie Park' (note I said Dogie Park-where the dogs run free, and do their thing, and their owners are supposed to pick up their little do-do's)...Molly was having fun running here and there, and for a moment or two I lost sight of her because she went into some of the thicker trees. She does not normally do that, so, I proceeded to follow her, because she seemed to be enjoying something in there way too much! I gasped when I saw her rolling in 'human crap' and my little white dog was covered in it from 'head to toe'!!!! I know you are probably thinking, "How do I know it was human crap", well ugh!,,, I gag just thinking about it...she had toilet paper stuck to her fur!!! Gross! Gross! and more Gross! To be honest Eileen, I thought of leaving her there forever! Ok, now I am I can't finish my story, but still, after bathing her 'several times' I can not bring myself to hug her..."Oh, for Goodness Sakes!!!!" (((((HUGS))))) T

  10. I'm many cupcakes did Jayden eat Eileen! He and Mia are so cute and lovable in every photo!

    Luv and Smiles,

  11. Those cupcakes are so cute. I will have to check out that website and remember this for next year. I love the theme treats the grandkids can make or decorate themselves.
    I get a kick out of Jayden and his THREE costumes!

  12. Your cupcakes were adorable but still not as cute as the decoraters...Jayden and you!! Love the fact that Jayden changed costumes so many was like a fashion show and he is so cute. Mia was so sweet in her little costume and I LOVE the smile on your face when you are holding her...Eileen, you have the most loving and sweetest smiles ever!!

    I am sneaking in comment time but losing out on sleep (4:00 a.m. or a tad later) but I will try doing this when possible.

    blessings and joyful hugs,


  13. What a busy day for all of you! Those cupcakes were great - you really couldn't mees 'em up, could you? Great idea for young kids.

  14. Good evening Eileen, It looks like you and your family had a wonderful Halloween! Mia is just beautiful and Jayden looks awesomely handsome in all of his costumes ♥ Jayden did a great job on his pumpkin and cupcakes! I bet your grandchildren remember they're fun Halloween at they're grandparents for years and years to come ♥