Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl ~ Super Fun

I am really not a big fan of any sport, unless you consider ice dancing a sport. So I never really do get caught up in the revelry or excitement like most of my family. I think Ray would have been more excited if his Giants had been playing, but he still looked forward to the game.

Some of the family came over and we had chips and dips, and pizza and wings, and we had lots of wonderful desserts! Now that is something that excites me! My daughter-in-law, Lori, made some great brownies, just the way I like them, very moist, with chocolate chips, and it was almost like eating fudge, but better!
My brother-in-law, Steve, made something called a 'pig cake' and he said it gets it's unusual name because it's a dessert that is usually served down south at pig roasting parties. It was delicious! My daughter-in-law described it best ~ refreshing! It was orange cake with pineapple frosting, and it was served cold. Yum!
And my son, Erik, made a lemon pudding pie, and a vanilla pudding pie. I'm not a big fan of lemon, but I had the vanilla pie and it was great! (We also had store-bought pumpkin pie and assorted cheesecake, but I didn't even try tasting them.)

And, in spite of the fact that I am not a big sports fan, I did have a super fun time! Mia, Jayden, and I made our own fun!

And I also got a nice surprise over the weekend! On Saturday evening Ray brought the mail in and said, "You have something here from Rebecca." Many of you know Rebecca and visit her at her blog 'Life And Godliness'. (I wish I could link to her, but I am having trouble again getting to many blogs.)
I opened the envelope and inside were these two sweet frames!

And of course I had Ray scan Jayden and Mia's school pictures, and size them to fit.

I set them on the window sill over my kitchen sink, it's nice to have their little faces smiling at me as I wash dishes, and it's nice to have the sweet reminder of a sweet friend and her generous heart. Thank you, Rebecca!

(And I want to thank everyone who commented on my post about a Servant's Heart. You are all much too kind and generous. And I didn't write that post as a way of garnering accolades for myself, but I so appreciate your 'shout outs', you are too good to me!
It's just that I read all of you, your lives, and I see so many people, and the love each one carries around for their fellow man, and not just the happiness people derive in helping others, but the way it comes naturally to so many people. And in my fifty-seven years on earth, I just haven't felt that.
I'll give you a recent example: On a freezing cold, icy day, walking back home from dropping Jayden at school, I brought a container of salt with me, salting our path as we walked, the same going back home, and I see a car having trouble on the ice. I was cold, I didn't want to stop, I'm practically shaking my fist at Heaven for presenting this situation, all very un-neighborly and un-Christian reactions. I did stop, I did offer my salt, and I told the driver to try using their car mat under the wheel too [a tip I learned from my sister Diane, and the car mat did work], but I did it all begrudgingly, and I guess that's why I never feel good about helping others, because it's more out of a guilt trip rather than any sense of love or kindness. Well, anyway, thanks for thinking I'm a nice person in spite of it all.)


  1. you're a wonderful person, eileen. one of the good ones. one of the best.

    dropping by to let you know i will be gone for some time. computer issues. i left a message on my blog so you won't think my typing's gone wonky on you. lol. the computer is wonky. not my typing. my keys stick.

    will miss you...



  2. Hello nice person, glad you had the salt with you to help Jayden, you and the man who was just couldn't not help him could you?
    I loved the game yesterday, those desserts look so delicious.....:-)Hugs

  3. O.K. your a lousy person! But if you really were, you wouldn't have stopped at all. Not all people that help others necessarily want to help. We do what we can Eileen.
    I think you are wonderful!
    Oh and I LOVE ORANGE CAKE MORE THAN ANY CAKE IN THE WORLD!!!! So I'll take a slice of the Pig Cake please, a big one!! Your football party sounded delicious! I wasn't to into it either but made an effort for the husband, he's been a Packer fan for 43 years!
    Those frames Rebecca sent you were really cute, perfect fit for Jayden and Mia!
    Rebecca is a sweet person. Love Di ♥

  4. Personally I think it is very normal to be cold and uncomfortable and not terribly thrilled to be handing out salt to help someone. But you did it. You DID IT.

  5. Yum! All that food sounds delicious. I didn't watch the game, and had left over chinese food. Instead I relaxed all by myself and watched a really good movie. I am not a big sports fan either.

    The thing is Eileen, you did stop to help, most people would have walked on by. You see the need around you, some people don't, because they are so obsorbed with themselves. Besides, God never really tells us how the Good Samaritan I am wondering! (((HUGS))) T

  6. oh my gosh! Eileen you are such a nice beautiful lady! I have always thought that! I picked up our newspaper and read an article about someone with your same name! I am going to scan it and send it to you! I had to take a second look at the picture! You are such a sweet lady...hugs..and smiles..

  7. But see, you are serving even when you don't feel like it. Most people don't! They only serve when the mood strikes. You were COLD out there walking Jayden to school...of course you didn't want to stop and help, but YOU DID. I think you are WONDERFUL!~