Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blogger Block

I am suffering from 'Blogger Block' in more ways than one. First, I am blocked from visiting blogs and the problem is getting worse. At first it was just a few blogs I tried to visit would give me either a blank page or some kind of 'blogger error' message. And now it is almost every blog I try to visit. I used to be able to get around it by clicking on a comment someone left, and that would send me to their profile page and I could enter the blog through that, but now I just get the error message. And the few blogs that I can get to, well, most times Blogger won't let me comment, or I comment but it never shows up. And I know that some of you are having trouble commenting on my blog too.

Also, a few of my own posts were being blocked from publishing on my own blog, when I hit 'publish' I sometimes get the blogger error message. Either that or I read that my post has published successfully but it's not on my blog anywhere.
And, I have 'blogger block' in that I sit down at the computer to write and I come up empty. And when I read back on what I have been sharing, I think to myself that my life is so boring. Yes, it's Blessed, but it's a Blessed Bore. And I don't mind that, I actually love my boring life, but I can't expect everyone else to love it.
Also lately, I've been feeling a little down, so then I don't feel much like writing, and I really hate that it's so one-sided lately without being able to visit everyone else.
So I will be taking a little blogger break for awhile.
Ray will be on vacation next week, and we'll be away for a few days, and when we come back I'm going to have him take a look at this computer to see if he can fix my blog problems. He's worked his magic before so I'll keep my fingers crossed that he can get things right again.

I think of you all so often, and you are in so many of my daily conversations. And I miss visiting you and I miss knowing what you've been up to. Hopefully that situation will be remedied in the next few weeks.

And, hopefully, I'll be 'seeing' you soon!


  1. You are never ever boring to me. I feel we live similar lives just many miles apart.
    I will miss you when you are gone, so please hurry back.

  2. I love your post, love hearing about your family especially your grandchildren, I love you, but I can feel the frustration in your words so perhaps it is best to have a little break, let Ray fix your computer and come back to us all rested knowing we will miss you but want you to come back to us healthy and happy.
    Sending lots of big hugs......:-)

  3. I always , ALWAYS look forward to your posts! As for the computer I can't help you there. My Pastor has to fiddle fart with mine every now and then because I don't know what to do!
    And about the feeling down. I heard on the news that most of the people on the East coast were suffering from lack of vitamin D because of all of the cloudy days. That affects your mood!
    As far as blogger block goes, I get it all of the time. That's why I started doing posts about collections and other times I just babble about nothing but HEY, it's my blog and I can do what I want to right?! I love you Leeny and I hope that your little trip gives you a bit of a pick me up!
    If you can, stand out in the sun for 10 min. a day or try a vitamin D supplement. Ya never know!
    Have a nice time, I will miss you! Love Di ♥
    P.S. I just heard that it's supposed to be 70 here today, so it's coming your way!

  4. Good that you and Ray are going to have some time together next week. Enjoy your time away and I too hope Ray can work some magic into your blogging issues. I miss hearing from you but I hope you get out of the doldrums and feel great soon.

  5. HI there

    I love being part of your world. :-) Enjoy your time off and come back refreshed.
    Love Gail

  6. Oh Eileen,
    I have been catching up on your blog, and I started with the most recent one, and worked my way back. No wonder you have 'blog writers block' and you are feeling down hearted. For most of us, change is never easy, but sometimes it is necessary for our growth and the growth of those we love. It is never easy to say goodbye to loved ones, and the familiar. God has a 'Good Plan' for your life. You may not see it right now, but like your clear eyesight in church, one day it will also be crystal clear. Trust Him.
    (((((Love and Hugs and Prayers)))) T

  7. I was telling Bernie that I feel quieter than usual myself, Eileen. I always look forward to your postings, see you when you return!

  8. You are not boring. I think we all think that way when we have been blogging for some time. I have bloggers block and just don't blog for a day or so and something happens where I have to blog.
    Someone else was saying they could not blog because of the problems you are experiencing so maybe there was a glitch somewhere and they go it taken care of.