Monday, February 14, 2011

Random Thoughts ~ Random Prayers

Just some of the rambling thoughts that wander around my head:

I love the Pledge of Allegiance. The public school across the street has a P.A. system that can be heard outdoors, and each morning after dropping Jayden at school, I walk home and as I am walking up to my door I hear the children from the public school across the street reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. It's wonderful.

I hate our mattress. It's too soft, and it has that 'hammock effect', and Ray and I both wake up with backaches every morning, and we paid dearly for this mattress, but we are ready to throw it out the window.

I don't like setting goals for myself. It makes me feel like a failure. I've heard it should be done in 'baby steps', just set little goals for yourself. Such as in trying to tackle cleaning out the house, just say you are going to clean out one drawer instead. I've tried that, and if you don't achieve that one little goal, you are just the biggest loser ever. I guess if I'm going to set any goals, they might as well be big, almost unachievable goals.

I love cowboy boots. I didn't used to, in fact, I didn't like the 'Western look' much at all. But I like it lots now. And if we move down south, I think I'll buy myself a pair of western boots. Heck, even if we don't move I might just treat myself to a pair.

I do not like our new washing machine at all. It has a water saver feature. You don't get to choose the water level, the washing machine chooses it, BUT if you happen to forget something and you want to throw the item into the load of wash that is already filling with water, you can not open the top and add it, that invalidates the 'smart' machine and you end up wasting water because once interrupted the water level goes to it's highest level. I am always running last minute to add something. AND I LIKE TO WATCH THE WASH! I like to watch the water fill, I like to add my soap as the water is filling, and I LIKE TO BE IN CONTROL OF MY LAUNDRY! I WANT TO CHOOSE THE WATER LEVEL! But with this machine you have to add your soap first, then add your clothes, then close the lid and let the smart machine do it's job.
Ray picked this machine. He is very happy with it. And he does his own wash. And I am very happy with him. So I'll quit complaining about it now.

I feel Angels all around me, especially when I am out and about. It's weird and it's wonderful.

I've been thinking about another wonderful but weird thing that happens to me, most times it happens in Church at Mass. Something happens to my eyesight, things become crystal clear, and colors become so vibrant. If we are sitting up in the balcony and I look down at the slate floor below I can actually see each individual tile, it's amazing, because usually from that far away it just looks like one big slab of slate that runs up and down the center aisle, and not like individual tiles. It's as if a cloud is lifted from my eyes and all of a sudden everything is in focus. It only lasts for a short while, and then everything becomes fuzzy again. Weird but wonderful.

I once had an argument with a Jehovah's Witness about prayer. She was relating a story about being at her son's baseball game and one of his teammates hit a home run, and the boy's mother said, "Oh, I prayed that he would hit a home run and he did! God Is Good!"
The woman who was a Jehovah's Witness said to her, "Do you think that God is answering your prayer for your son to hit a home run while another mother's prayer is being ignored as she is asking for a cure for cancer for her little boy?" She said the other mother looked ashamed then for thinking that way.
I think I shocked the Jehovah Witness when I said that I thought the other mother had nothing to be ashamed of. We ALL pray for things that are less important than a mother praying for a cure for cancer for her child. That Jehovah Witness had just finished telling me that she was praying to stop smoking. My feeling is that asking for help to quit smoking was less important than begging for a child's life. But I don't see either prayer as wrong.

I pray for EVERYTHING.
I pray to find the perfect eye pencil, the perfect mascara, and the perfect shade of lipstick.
I pray for a cure for cancer.
I pray that Jayden has a good day in school.
I pray about the weather.
I pray for people that are oppressed.
I pray for world peace.
I pray for victims of floods, fires, volcanoes, earthquakes, tornadoes, and ice and snow storms.
I pray for victims of abuse.
I pray for their abusers.
I pray for newlyweds.
I pray for newborns.
I pray for their parents.
I pray for the elderly.
I pray for the weak and the sick.
I pray for handicapped people.
I pray for those who care for them.
I pray for world leaders.
I pray for the Jehovah's Witness that I disagreed with.
I pray that my family will one day be whole again.
I pray for health and happiness for me and mine.
I pray that I don't lose my temper.
I pray to find lost articles, be they dear in price or dear in heart.
I pray for missionaries.
I pray for the poor and the hungry.
I pray for rich people.
I pray for orphans.
I pray for broken families and broken hearts.
I pray for loving, in-tact families.
I pray for my blog friends and all their needs.
I pray for Piper (a little girl with disabilities that I was Blessed to find through my blogger friend Jill, and you can find her too, right HERE and HERE).
I pray for Piper's parents.
I pray for the lonely.
I pray for my soul.
I pray for everything, and I pray all day long.
I think God must be sick of hearing my voice.
Do I think that every prayer I pray is an urgent prayer? Not at all.
But I know that God Is Wise Enough to prioritize my random prayers.


  1. SO SORRY I WASN'T ABLE TO LINK TO PIPER'S MOM'S BLOG. Of course I only got an error message when I tried to get to her blog.
    And SO SORRY I still can't visit you all.
    I'm missing that a lot.
    Love, me

  2. Oh you even pray for little Piper? You are so sweet and have an angels of course you feel angels around you.

  3. I pray for everything too Eileen. I walk around praying! I love when you share all of your thoughts and feelings, it makes me not feel so alone!
    Please tell me in an email if you like, what machine you bought? I have a set in mind that I really liked, washer and dryer and want to get it in a few weeks. So please let me know o.k.?
    Give Jayden a hug for me! Love Di ♥

  4. What a prayer warrior you are! I miss the fact that you can't get to my blog, Eileen.....I miss you very much, but I understand. I'm glad that I can visit you here.
    Praying is a constant part of my day and night. God loves for me to talk with Him...and for me to listen to Him. I can't thank Him enough for my blessings....even the trials that I go through. I learn more from my bad times than I do from the good ones. Isn't that odd? But it's true. I have learned so much through adversity...and I try remember to thank Him for the valleys as well as the mountain-top walks. I feel honored simply to be His daughter. I find comfort in His arms...
    I hug you, Eileen...and wish for you a peaceful weeks.

  5. And this comes from a woman who thinks she is selfish and only wants for herself....I only wish I could be half the woman you are. I am so proud to call you friend, you are so special to me and many others. Now I am asking you to pray for me, I fell tonight in the parking lot and am bruised from ankle to shoulder but thank God nothing is broken. Love you dear friend, and hope you have had a wonderful Valentine's Day......:-) Hugs

    I thank Jesus for being 'regular' and pray for it to be so. :-) So ya, I like you, talk in prayer all day, every day.

    And please let me know what size shoe you wear. k?

    Love you

  7. I really, really am blessed by this post, Eileen. I like the way you detailed what you pray for. (And I KNOW that's not a complete list!) Awesome. God hears and answers prayer - all the time!