Friday, May 28, 2010

May Happenings

It's been a very busy month for us with lots going on! I don't have pictures to go along with all the events, and even some of the pictures I do have aren't going to make it to this post. It is getting more and more time-consuming to upload pictures! I used to stay up very late and do my posts then as I was having a terrible time with insomnia and I figured why fight that, I just used it to my advantage and blogged late at night. But the past five or six weeks I haven't had that problem so I'm now taking much pleasure in a more 'normal' bedtime! I fall asleep the minute my head hits the pillow and I sleep soundly and peacefully all night long!
Unfortunately my blog is suffering for it!

Anyway, back to May ~

We started the month off with Mia's Dance recital (I actually did a post about that!).

The following week Jayden had a very nice 'Mother's Day Tea' at school and all the Mommies were invited and treated to a 'Queen For The Day', with crowns and all. My daughter Katie said it was very nice. Jayden's teacher and her helper always do so much with the children and make every holiday and Holy day very special for the children.

Here Jayden tries the crown he made for his Mom on Mia!

Jayden also had his Spring Show at school which was a tribute to the 80's, the whole school participated and each class sang and danced to songs from the 80's. Jayden's class sang 'Footloose', it was very cute and very entertaining! The children wore tee shirts with their footprints painted on the front (I remember the day Jayden came home and told me that his teacher said he had to take a bath and wash his feet! I asked him why and he said because he had blue paint all over his foot but he couldn't tell me about it because it was a surprise.)

We've also celebrated lots of Birthdays in May!
May 8th was Ray's sister Susie's Birthday! 'LOVE HER SO MUCH!

(Susie and her daughters)

May 19th was my brother Frankie's Birthday, my Aunt Florence had us over for cake and coffee, and after the rest of my family went home, my Aunt Florence, Frankie, and myself stayed and talked about old times for hours. It was very nice.

May 22nd was our son Erik's Birthday and
today, May 28th is our daughter-in-law Lori's Birthday (Erik's wife), and they celebrated together last weekend and had us over for a pizza party and cupcakes (my favorite dessert!), it was lots of fun!

Ray and I celebrated our 37th Wedding Anniversary on May 26th, which is also the 8th Wedding Anniversary of Erik & Lori! Ray took the day off, and he finished making the shelf for the back room, and Jayden had half-day school, so we picked him up and went out to lunch, and later in the day Mia came over for a visit, so it was a very nice day!

Today at school was the May Crowning, Jayden is in Pre-K, and this year Nursery and Pre-K didn't participate, but I got to school early to pick him up and I was able to watch as the rest of the school (Kindergarten through 8th Grade) had the ceremony out on the lawn of the rectory near the Blessed Mother grotto. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful way to honor the Mother of Jesus. I was so wishing I had my camera with me. I saw they had an altar set up outside and one of the teachers told me that they had celebrated Mass there before the crowning ceremony. I got there just in time for the crowning and to hear the voices of children singing "Oh, Mary, We Crown Thee With Blossoms Today".

This weekend we'll celebrate Memorial Day with a barbecue on Sunday with the family, and we'll go to the Memorial Day parade in town on Monday. Monday is also Ray's brother Donald's Birthday so we'll celebrate that on Sunday when the family is here.

I do have some pictures of our trip that we took earlier this month to Mystic, Connecticut. We left the Friday before Mother's Day and came home early Mother's Day morning so we could visit with the kids and so that Jayden could celebrate with his Mommy.

I love all these stone walls that we saw everywhere in Connecticut!

Jayden had a great time! We visited the nuclear submarine museum on the Naval base there, and we got to tour a real submarine. That deserves it's own post which I'll do sometime in the near future. We also toured the Pequot Museum and Village and Jayden loved that too!
We didn't have great weather on Saturday so the museums were a good idea, and I really enjoyed them both.

We were able to visit the unique little shops in Olde Mystik Village too, Friday was a beautiful day and Jayden had a half-day of school so we picked him up and headed right up to Mystic!

Jayden got his first taste of New England Clam Chowder that weekend too, he and Ray wanted to stop for ice cream and I saw clam chowder on the menu so ordered that instead. Jayden asked if he could try it, he loved it and I didn't get the bowl back until it was empty!

(notice the ice cream sundae discarded to the side and forgotten about!)

This was a weekend of 'firsts' for him, first time he tried clam chowder, first time he tried calamari, and first time he tried scallops and he loved them all!

And as much as I like taking a vacation ~ it's always so nice to come back home where I belong!

(taken on Mother's Day)


  1. I love your post, seeing the pictures of the kids and of where you and your family have been. I love all post on families, they are my favorites. Happy Anniversary, tell your family that all special people are born in May. Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend....big hugs to Jayden and Mia.......:-)

  2. Happy Anniversary!! You certainly have had a major busy month. Such a variety of pictures and wonderful family shots.


    Wonderful May, full of celebration and memory - I am visiting a few blogs today as best I can. I am quite tired. My Mom is so weary and so brave too. I ache in places in my heart I never knew even existed.

    Love to you my friend
    peace and hope

  4. I really enjoyed getting caught up on your life. I've missed you, and think about you often and wonder how you are doing. That is too funny about Jayden and trying to keep his blue feet a secret! And the scenery....sure does not look like anything around where I live!
    CONGRATULATIONS on 37 years! If my first husband had lived we would be celebrating our 36th this year! So we are definitely from the same era. Across the US raising our kids, probably doing many of the same things...and yet we did not "meet" until we were grandmas!

  5. I am so tired and starving after reading this post! Jayden looked so much like the statue of the boy ball player! What a nice trip Eileen it seems like a really nice place to visit.
    Congratulations on your wedding anniversary! And Happy Birthday to all! Love Di ♥

  6. Hi Eileen,
    Happy Anniversary, and Happy Birthday to all your family members who celebrated this month. I am so glad to hear you don't have insomnia anymore!

    May has been a busy month for me too. My daughter had a birthday, and three of my grandkids. It was a good month for me too, full of fun and activities. I did not get many pictures either.

    ((((HUGS)))) T

  7. Hi, Eileen!! Happy Anniversary!!! That's wonderful!!! And what a busy, busy month! Whew! I get tired just reading all of this! Love the pictures of your visit to Mystic...such a beautiful place! And Jayden is a boy after my own heart! I LOVE clam chowder! Such fun! Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day!! Love you, Janine XO

    P.S. You look beautiful in your pictures! ~J.

  8. Hi Eileen,

    I loved reading about your month of May. Lots of celebrating! Loved the photos of the stone walls in Connecticut. And New England Clam Chowder... I'm sure it's delicious.

    Do miss your visits, Eileen...but I'm happy to know that you're sleeping better these days!

    I also got misty eyed looking at all the photos you posted for your Memorial Day blog entry. I was thinking, I'd rather have my loved one than a flag, anytime! But of course, these men died serving their country... and that is definitely something to be proud of.

    Just wanted you to know I remember you often, and offer a little prayer for you whenever I can.