Monday, May 3, 2010

Girls Just Want To Have Fun!

Mia had her very first dance recital yesterday!
It was lots of fun and very entertaining!

Here's a crowd picture that Ray took, we were sitting about three rows back, you can see my daughter Katie (leaning over to talk to Jayden), Jayden (with his back to the camera), myself, my niece Erin, and our daughter-in-law Lori's sister Jackie, and Lori's Mom Virginia too (there were lots of other relatives there too, we don't all fit in the picture!). Mia's parents (our son Erik and daughter-in-law Lori are standing at the far side of the room, you can see later in the video that Lori's Mom and sister joined them to get a better view!).

I had to snap this little boy, he was so adorable in his little sequin vest! I asked Jayden if he wanted to take dance lessons too and his answer was a firm and resounding, "NO!", but he did enjoy watching!

The rest of the pictures are dark, but maybe you can see Mia in this one, she is second from last, and looking mighty frightened as she first walked into the room!

But she smiled when she spotted me!

And when she paid attention to her dance teachers rather than looking for her Daddy she did quite well!

You can see in the video how she keeps looking to Erik, she really is 'Daddy's Little Girl'!
And note the dance teacher, she is about to give birth any day, AND she is on orders from her doctor to be on bed rest!!


Mia is the youngest dancer in this school.

And here's the proud parents!

And as much as Mia loves her Daddy she does say that her Aunt Katie and her Mommy are her 'Best Friends'!



    Oh my goodness. This is SO wonderful, precious and so life-giving. As you continue to enhance their worlds through all that you do I am forever in awe, inspired, thrilled and amazed by you. "Umma" you are the best. Mia is SO beautiful. Great video and pictures. More than great - there really are no words.

    Love to you

  2. Umma....I noticed the attention that Mia paid to her dance teacher! Commendable...and a great job that she did. Wonderful video...and photos.
    Girls just want to have fun!

  3. That was the cutest routine, Eileen!
    Mia did really well and looked adorable in her outfit. It's sweet how they all look at each other, Alivia's class did the same!

  4. Shows what a close family to have so many relatives present for little Mia. She did great and one could not tell she is the youngest in the class. I like how the girls are on the same level as the audience, rather then up high on a stage where it is harder to really see them. I love dance recitals but sometimes I'm concerned over some of the skimpy outfits they have little girls wear. This one was very well done. Their outfits looked very little they should!

  5. Oh Eileen this couldn't be any cuter! I had tears in my eyes (I always cry at the childrens performances, it's embarrassing as heck!). Mia was wonderful and so, so cute!
    And you know darn well that dance instructor was trying to get that baby to come out! I'm glad that you shared with us!
    Love Di ♥

  6. Dear Eileen, This was absolutely adorable! I love to go to little recitals like that. The kids work so hard. I think it's awesome that so many in your family attend. It's so important that we support our childrens endevors. What a great family you have ♥ Thank you for sharing. Your little Mia is just beautiful ♥

  7. Oh, Mia is just such a beautiful little girl! And what an adorable recital that was! LOL...over Jayden not wanting to take dance guy would not have wanted that either. What a wonderful family you have! Love it! Love, Janine XO

  8. OK that is just about the cutest little recital I have ever seen! She is so precious! The colors of the bushes you took her picture next to is amazing! WOW talk about bright pink POP! What a sweetie pie, I am so glad you were able to film it! My little Laurens recital is coming up this month...but I don't have a video camera...hmmm. maybe my old cool pix will have to do.

  9. So very, very special, Eileen! Your "Umma Heart" must have been bursting with pride.

  10. Oh, how cute! LOL! I loved the video, and I'm so proud of MIA!!!


    Sheila :-)