Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy Birthday, Bernie!

Happy Birthday to our dear blogging friend Bernie!

If you read even just one post of Bernie's blog @ On My Own you know right away what a good, and kind, and gentle person Bernie is, and you get a sense of the generous spirit Bernie has. I was drawn to Bernie's blog when I read some of the cheerful and thoughtful comments she left on other blogs that I had visited, she just seemed like a ray of sunshine. Bernie always gives everyone the "benefit of the doubt", she's respectful of your point of view even if she doesn't agree with you, she's encouraging, she's uplifting, and she's an inspiration to us all.
Bernie's life hasn't been without it's share of problems, but her steadfast Faith in God, in life, in people, and her positive outlook in times of turmoil sets her head and shoulders above most.
Her love of family, friends, and Faith shine through all her posts, you can see she thrives on these, and you can see how important all these are to her life.

When I think of Bernie the word 'good' comes to mind.

I looked up the many meanings of the word good:

of favorable character; decent; that which can be relied on; high-quality; agreeable; enjoyable; pleasant; skillful; wholesome; helpful; amusing; nice; clever; first-class; considerate; superior; true; fine; virtuous; deserving of respect; right; commendable; loyal; excellent

Yes, our friend Bernie is very good indeed!

(I love this little vignette that Bernie had on her blog, it's just so perfectly Bernie!)



  1. Oh Eileen, thank you for you kind words. I am speechless and appreciate you and all of my blogging friends so very much. This tribute is beautiful. Thank you ever so much sweetie, big hugs to Jayden and Mia.......:-)Hugs

  2. I so agree, Eileen!
    Bernie is someone we can all relate to and admire...a most wonderful person to know!
    I hope Bernie has a perfect day today!

    Enjoy your weekend, Eileen!

  3. She sounds like a lovely person, Eileen, and I will be sure to get by there to wish her a Happy Birthday! Today is Mr. Magpie's birthday, too, so I'm sure his 'twin' must be nice! LOL! I am going to surprise him with today's post. He and I are in two different places today (sigh) so I have to do this long distance!


    Sheila :-)

  4. hello all

    am so glad I checked in today - great tribute to our Bernie Eileen.

    Love you all
    peace and hope

  5. Oh Eileen this was so beautiful! As beautiful as Bernie truly is. And the definition of good, sure does ring true for Bernie doesn't it. Happy Birthday to you Bernie! Love Di ♥

  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. What a lovely and heartwarming post dear Eileen. I will certainly go and visit her blog after this, and wish her a happy birthday too.

    I have not been able to visit many blogs as often as I used to...but do know that you are one blog friend I often remember!

    Hope things are going well for you these days!


  8. Happy birthday to Bernie. You are such a good friend Eileen. What a wonderful tribute this post is. I'm going over to to tell Bernie happy birthday now. I hope your day is going well.

  9. Hi Sweet Eileen!! What a lovely birthday bonus for this bloggy friend! You are just the most thoughtful gal!! I'm sure it meant a lot to her!!

    Hope all is well with you and that you have a wonderful weekend!!
    Love ya!!

  10. What a beautiful Birthday post for Bernie, Eileen!! You are so thoughtful, and your words are beautiful! Happy Birthday, indeed, to a dear, dear friend to us all! Love to you both! Janine XO