Friday, May 7, 2010

For Daugthers Left Behind ( ~ for my sisters ~ for Mother's Day)

Don't look for her, don't wish her back
To kiss her cheek or have a chat
Leave her be now, let her rest
She's at peace, she's passed the test

The longing for her goes on and on
But let her go for she's now Home
Her soul no longer restless
No need for her to roam

Support, encouragement, Faith, family, and love
Gifts from a mother now Above
Treasures more precious than pearls
Treasures she's passed on to to her girls

She is where she belongs and so too are we
Daughters left behind to continue on our own journey
Without her by our side, without her to guide
Until the day we go to where she is waiting
Welcoming us Home with her arms opened wide

I love you, Mom
My eyes overflowing with tears
My heart overflowing with love
Forever grateful

I love you, my sisters, Diane and Marybeth
(and I love you, my brothers, Tommy, John, Frankie and Joey
but this one was for 'the girls').

And to many of my girlfriends who can no longer celebrate Mother's Day with their own mothers. I know how bittersweet Mother's Day is, recalling wonderful memories, recalling days of health and happiness, knowing full well we were so Blessed to have had these amazing women in our lives, and yet missing them so.
I'm thinking especially of my friends Barbara and Diana who have recently felt this great loss. Diana's Mom went Home to Heaven a few weeks before Christmas, and Barbara's Mom went Home to Heaven a few weeks after Christmas. I know how hard it will be for them to spend this first Mother's Day without her.

Blessed Mother's Day
to Mothers here on Earth
and to Mothers watching over us from above in Heaven


  1. This is beautiful Eileen, so very beautiful and so very thoughtful of you. Many blessings my friend, hugs to Jayden and Mia....:-)

  2. It's difficult to type this through my tears Eileen. It was beautiful and perfect. Thank you and I love you. Happy Mother's day to all of us.
    Love Di ♥

  3. The picture with the baby being held so tenderly and the bassinet is so lovely. Very loving and sweet. The poem about your mother is a gift of love for all of to share too.

  4. What a loving tribute to a beautiful lady, Eileen. I love that last picture SO much.

    I miss my mother, too, but I'm thankful I had her and my grandmother (who was my favorite person on earth) in my life.



  5. EILEEN-

    I am over flowing with tears and emotion. I love your tribute to your Mom and yor sisters. I am filled with gratitude that my Mom will be here this Mother'[s Day - my emotion is beyond expresion.

    Lve to you and "HAPPY MOTHER"S DAY TO YOU"

    Love Gail

  6. As I was shopping today and noticing all the flowers for Mother's Day...a sadness took over for awhile. It will be 3 years June 4th.

    Thanks Eileen for the lovely post!

  7. You brought tears to my eyes with this beautiful post, dear Eileen! Thank you! Happy Mother's Day to you, dear friend! You are beautiful inside and out! Love, Janine XO

  8. So beautiful. I think we will grieve for our mothers the rest of our lives. I remember my Mom saying often in her later years what a great mother she had...I know now she was grieving with those words. No one in the whole world will love us the way our Moms did.

  9. Eileen

    This is so beautiful. Thank you so much for posting this.

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  11. You are right when you say Mother's Day can be bittersweet Eileen. This was such a heart felt post. It's sad but then such a wonderful tribute to your mother. I hope you have a truly blessed day today. Happy Mother's Day Eileen ♥

  12. Simply beautiful. I've had a melancholy day missing my mom and feeling a bit misplaced today. Hugs, Penny Sue

  13. Oops, and Happy Mother's Day to you... albeit bittersweet at times. PS

  14. What a beautiful poem expressing a sad but liberating sentiment! You are surrounded by a wonderful family, thanks to your mother's investment of life and love.