Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Blogging, Farming, And Cleaning Up Messy Dollhouses! All Fun!

Well, Umma's World is up and running! I found my posts! I found my pictures! Ray gave me a new blog dress (thank you, Ray!) with a pretty banner picture of Ireland (credit Michael Turner), and a beautiful background compliments of my beautiful friend Wanda's skillful photography! Thank you Wanda (@Moments Of Mine) for your generosity! Now, hopefully my computer woes are behind me and I can look at the computer as my friend again rather than the enemy! I'm trying to make a deal with it, I won't curse it out if it will cooperate with me. Fingers crossed.While I was away from blogging I turned to Facebook Farmville to pass the time. Well, this fun little pastime has become a full-fledged addiction. A friend of mine urged me to join Facebook, which I did, but I didn't really 'get it', I was happy to become reacquainted with school mates, but I didn't get into the minute by minute comments everyone was making, I enjoyed reading them, but really, it wasn't for me. I had no interesting minute by minute comments to contribute. So I didn't often visit Facebook unless I got an email alert specifically targeted to me. Then my sister Diane called me one day a few months ago telling me to join Farmville on Facebook. Farmville???? What the heck? She said she needed neighbors. Neighbors on Farmville????? Okay. I became a 'farmer', and everyday my sister would be calling me to tell me that my crops were withering. I was not a very good farmer. Then when my computer went out sick, I used my husband's laptop to farm, it was okay, my crops didn't wither anymore and my farm enlarged as I moved up each level. I got animals, and a barn, and fences, a chicken coop, a dairy farm, I was excited! But then I had enough of farming and I was just about to give it up for good when my niece Rachel said, "No! Aunt Eileen, I just started!" And so I stuck with it, and I love it now! I can't get enough of it! I have started two other farms, one in my husband's name, and another in a made-up name! Addicted I tell you! I even dream about these silly little cartoon farms of mine!
I think what I love most of all, is the comments that my family and friends make back and forth to each other, the ribbing, the jokes, the competition, the advice and the encouragement. It is such a fun way to keep in touch, and it is like playing a game altogether and yet we are blocks away from each other, towns away from each other, and even States away from each other! And it has brought so many of us together. I think I even got one of my blogger friends addicted too! I won't mention any names, and I don't think I have to, if you are on Facebook you know who I'm talking about! (Howdy, Farm girl! This is your friend Rayscarleen sayin' "Hey!' or rather "Hay!")

Okay, now on to cleaning up messy dollhouses. It's a shame really how these two beautiful creations that brought hours and hours of happy playtime to my children have been shamefully neglected! And I am ashamed of myself, really. This first little room my husband made from scrap wood that he found in his Dad's workshop, he made it over thirty-three years ago when our oldest sons were only about two and three years old. They loved this little thing, and they stored all their Fisher Price Little People in it. They spent many happy hours along with my nephew Thomas, walking their little people up and down the steps. And then when my daughters came along, and my youngest son, they too loved playing with it. It is in sore need of a new paint job, and some new flooring and carpet for sure!

And this gigantic dollhouse my husband made for our daughters about twenty years ago. My youngest daughter reminded me that we told her he was working on a dollhouse for Mom-Mom (my mother) as a Christmas gift, and when she came down on Christmas morning and saw it next to our tree she still thought it was for Mom-Mom and was happily surprised to find it was hers! I love how Ray made it with handles on the sides to make lifting and moving it a little easier, and he put a handle on the hinged top to open it for access:

And Ray made bi-fold doors that open all the way and lay flat against the sides so there's lots of room to play.

Most of the furniture has long ago been discarded as it was broken by too much love and play, and you can see that both these toys are well-worn by little hands and in need of lots of TLC.
Well, they've both been cleaned but not yet spruced up, there's still lots more work to do, but here are two little people that don't seem to mind. And I have a feeling that they will be enjoying hours of play too.

"Grandma, I don't want to play with this little castle anymore. Can I play with the big dollhouse that Paw made too?"

"Yes! You can, Mia!"

And Paw has since brought home lots more furniture which made both Jayden and Mia very excited!


  1. Welcome back! You've been away too long! Now I do not know what Facebook Farmville is... this is my first time to hear it. As for Facebook, I have seen many of my blog friends disappear because they have been eaten up by Facebook. Which saddens me... I know a great number of friends and family connect to each other minute by minute on facebook... and oh well... I won't go into that.

    How wonderful to see your new header and background. I love Ireland and Scotland although I've never been there. Switzerland is the only country that I have been to in Europe.

    I love the dollhouse! What fun it is to be married to someone who knows how to work with wood!

    I'm almost sure that one of the things I'll enjoy doing in heaven is being a woodworker!

    Well bye for now. See you around.


  2. Eileen, I love the new look of your blog, and I love that you are using Wanda's shamrocks, it just makes it a feel good blog. Ireland is the most beautiful country in the world...I am totally going back there.

    It is so good to see Jayden and Mia again, and I love the play houses, Ray is quite talented.

    Oh yes I have so many people (sisters, nieces, friends) asking me to join famville....not falling for it, I don't need more time on this computer each day....spend far to much time on it now.

    I feel really blessed today, both you and Marcy posted.....yay.

    Big hugs to Jayden and Mia......:-)

  3. You have a lovely new Blog Home. Love the pictures of the doll house. Many long years ago Ron make a barn for the boys and a Barbie dollhouse for Laura. Now the grand kids have them. Yes, they are soooo much fun!

    Had to give us Farmville, sold the farm as it were. Did not have enough time to play and found the crops rotting in the fields and the animals unattended. Was hard to give it up.

    Wishing you well today! Glad to have you back in the neighborhood!!!!! Cathy

  4. Hi Eileen, Welcome back. It's great to see you here again. I also love the new look of your blog. It's beautiful and so festive. I think it's hard to juggle facebook and the blogs. I'm not into farmville but I am in touch with my family. I love it. I wanted to open facebook to everyone but my family requested I keep it private because they put their schedules and such on it. They really need to get with it LOL They still won't even let me post a picture of them on line. We just started using facebook so maybe in time they will loosen up. I hope so. For now I have to respect their wishes. I'm hooked on a game called bookworm but it's not on FB. I love the doll houses. When Jessica was little we had one for her and it was a lot of fun. I hope you have a nice day.

  5. Eileen, first, I was so pleased to see your post, Ray did a great job with the photos. I loved seeing my patio stone with the 4 leaf clovers, it made me smile, almost made me cry.I love that you used it!
    The dollhouse has such nice large rooms, it will give Jayden and Mia lots of fun and elbow room so they can play side by side.
    It was really good seeing the two of them.
    Did you get more snow yesterday? It snowed here a little. I'm looking forward to Spring!


  6. Geez, I thought we lost you to the farm for good! Glad you decided to visit here in blogland! You know Eileen, I think that Ray was ahead of his time with that dollhouse. Katie has that Fisher Price one that opens up the same way. Maybe they got their idea from Ray. It so nice that the different generations each get to use it. For a long time, Sarah, played with Kate's. Maybe Jack will be next. I'm happy to see you back Eileen, I really do miss your posts! Oh and I love your new background! Love Di

  7. Glad you are back! And I'm in love with the doll house! My hub's grandfather built a barbie house for Jon's mom many years back. My dad recreated one for my daughters! It is sooo special!

  8. HI EILEN-

    I love your new blog look! Beau5tiful.

    And Farmville? I haven't indulged. Not yet.

    And the doil houses? Wow - :-)

    So good to see you.

    Love Gail

  9. Oh I've missed you! Welcome Back. I was beginning to think something was terribly wrong.

    Thank you for all the comments on my blog. I don't know how you kept all that straight of what's going on in my life but you sure did.

    There is nothing quite like special handmade toys by grandpa from the past. What a treasure, and now that you have told all about it on this post, they will also have the history to go along with it and they will probably be introducing it to their children some day!

    Maybe you can find some little tiny miniature ducks to go in that house for Mia! :)

  10. Really like the new look of your blog. You sound like you have been busy even though you weren't blogging for awhile. What wonderful treasures your husband made and these are still being used by the next generation!

  11. Hello Eileen! Your page looks very pretty :) Do you have Irish background in you? I do on both sides of my parents...Irish and French. I've always been very proud of my Irish heritage...
    I'm glad you are back on the blog. I know I've not been on much either. I have the farm you know too...but, I only let myself stay on for a limited time and only 2 times a day to check it. I use it as a reward for getting things around the house done. Mark says I should get up at 5 in the morning and take care of the animals like a real farmer...that might take some of the fun out of it :) :)
    Love the dollhouse and you too!!!
    Hugs to you....Jerelene

  12. Would you believe I was just going to facebook to ask you to let me know when you come back to blogland! "I thought, I'll just check one more time...." and when I did, I was so happy I just about cried!

    The appearance of your blog is wonderful & I've already directed my husband to open this post to look at your doll houses! I've brought his latest creation into the house and am slowly working on placing furniture in it. It needs some little hands to do it justice! Maybe soon.

    I'm SO glad to have you back.