Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Busy Boy

Jayden has been a busy boy:

Helping Paw build a new bed for his Mommy...

...and getting his baby cousin Sophie to stop crying...

...and writing a book:

(I asked Jayden if he wrote this for his new little brother who will be here soon and he said that he mostly wrote it for him but he also wrote it for "all the babies". I asked, "All what babies? All the babies in the world?" And he said, "No, just all our babies. Sophie, and Eoghan, and Lucy Ray." Eoghan [pronounced Owen] is the name Katie picked for her baby boy, and Brian's baby will be named Lucia Helena if it's a girl, or Raymond Francisco if it's a boy, so Katie took to calling Brian and Flora's baby "Lucy Ray" and now that's what we all call her/him.)

Jayden hasn't only been hard at work, he has also found time to relax too... the pool with Jamesy Boy...

...and enjoying a poolside snack with Mia...

...and enjoying a visit from FarMor and Aunt Susie...

(FarMor really liked Jayden's shirt that we picked up for him in the Swedish Shop at Olde Mystik Village in Mystic, Connecticut!):

He also had a fun sleep-over with Mia (but we heard from Mommy and Aunt Ellie, who slept down in the living room with them, that they didn't get much sleep)...

...and he had lots of fun showing off his new "tattoos":

Ray and I have been busy too, with family, and home projects, and getting ready to welcome two new grandchildren. I'll try to post about it all soon. And I'll try to visit you all more often.

(I'm still blocked from some blogs and I especially miss being able to read Rebecca and Lidj, but I'm not giving up yet!)


  1. Wow, two more grandchildren coming soon. Your family is growing so much. I do like Jayden's book. You always have so much going on with family and friends.

  2. Hi Eileen! Love how Jayden is such a good helper. He'd going to be a wonderful big brother. The book is so sweet!! Love the roses on your background too...:)The new baby names are precious:) Been thinking of you...
    Love and hugs, Jerelene

  3. It's good to see what Jayden and Mia are up to these days, Eileen and cute little Sophie is growing so fast! It was nice to have you visit...have missed you!

  4. Hi Eileen,
    Ive been trying to post to your site, but I seem to be blocked, unless this goes through. If it does I will be back to comment.

    ((((HUGS)))) T

  5. Whooo! HOOOO! I tried something different and posted from "Do the Write Thing" I am so glad it worked as I have been blocked from commenting to you!!!

    Wow, it looks like UMMA'S WORLD is expanding!!!
    Such wonderful blessings!!! Enjoyed seeing what Jayden is up to these days.

    I too am expecting a new grand baby. My son Adam and his wife Ashley are expecting in December. They have not decided on a name yet.

  6. o my goodness, and little Sophie too....they are all so beautiful...I loved Jayden's book!

  7. HI EILEEN - great pictures of such joy and purpose in your lives. Jayden is growing fast, Mia too. Thank you for visiting my place - it was so nice to have you come by. Enjoy your summer and the kids.
    Love to you

  8. I was so happy to see you back again. I even had a dream about your family the other night.
    Jayden is creative like his Grandma!

    We are having grandbabies so close in will be fun to trade pictures and happenings.

    PS So Brian will name the baby after Grandpa if it's a boy? How wonderful. Lucia is quite the popular name now. I've heard a few Owens too. :)
    Can hardly wait to hear about these new little people.

  9. OH, and THANK YOU so much for commenting on all my posts. Wow!

  10. That's an awesome book. I'd publish it.

  11. It's amazes me how busy you always are Eileen. Jayden amazes me too, the story he wrote was just the sweetest!! I don't know how you keep up with it all. You really are special! Love Di ♥

  12. Hi Eileen, i love the way little man is standing showing off his tatoos. So cute. Hope you have been well xx

  13. I fear I have been away from here far too long! You have some real treasures here! Wishing you a wonderful week dear friend! Cathy

  14. I came here "late", but just in time for a heart-warming visit. So much going on with you (and Jayden, of course). Happy that you have the pool - especially now that the heat has come your way! We've sure had our share lately.

    So many new names and faces in and coming to your lives. Prayers for healthy deliveries & all the exciting changes coming your direction♥♥♥

  15. Hi Eileen.....I didn't give up trying to leave a commen heret...but had to resort to alternative technology to do it.. :))))... I am usung my cellphone.....Blogger won't let me comment using a computer, so I backed up and punted! How's that??!!
    My goodness how Jayden and Mia have grown!! They are beautiful, of course!! I am excited to read about the new baby that will be born soon!
    Hugs and love to you, Eileen.

  16.'s me again. I just left a comment on Marci's blog. I think that if you'll try this, it will help. Check your Privacy Settings on your computer(control If your computer won't allow certain "cookies"...then you can't access some blogs....can't comment on certain blogs, etc.....I couldn't even comment on my own blog until I changed the settings that allowed more cookies.... I hope this helps.