Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Traveling Vicariously

I take a lot of 'virtual' vacations. That is, whenever I feel the need to get away (which I did A LOT this past winter), I just go on-line and look up nice (usually warm and sunny) places to visit, and I spend a little time there, either 'touring', or 'shopping', or 'sipping drinks poolside', or 'strolling the beach'. And while it's certainly not the same as actually being there, it's enough to make me feel refreshed.
These past few days I've been traveling vicariously through my sister Diane. She and my brother-in-law Steve left for a Scotland/France/Netherlands trip on Saturday, and she very kindly has been sending me pictures.

My nephew, William, is studying for a term at the University of Glasgow, so their first stop was to visit him.

Then they will travel on to Paris, and from there on to Amsterdam as Steve has a work conference there.
I was thinking of going with them, I especially wanted to visit the Anne Frank museum in Amsterdam, but the timing was bad for me. They left only two days after Sophie was born, and I didn't want to be taking off on a European vacation now. And Ray & I are trying to 'pare down' financially, and I think that a European vacation for me would not be paring down financially at all.
And I'm glad I didn't go for another reason, because Jayden is sick at home now, running a high fever on and off. I took him to the doctor yesterday and he said it's a virus that should run it's course in a few days. So I'm happy to be home here with my little man.

And at the same time I'm happy to be "traveling" once again while being stuck inside on this cold and rainy day (I know, I know, "April showers bring May flowers!" so I'll stop complaining about the weather now).
Come on, let's take to the sky now and begin our journey:

This food looks so good!

I think they serve beer warm in Europe, so I wouldn't like that at all. But Steve looks like he's enjoying it!

And I see that Diane found her beloved Pepsi!

Seeing pictures of them walking the streets in Scotland reminds me of walking the streets of Manhattan...

... and these pictures below especially remind me of Greenwich Village with the narrow and winding cobblestone streets, and all the quaint little specialty shops, galleries, and cafes.

But the trains in their subway system look like a far cry from the subway system of New York City:

I'm hoping Diane will take you and I along to Paris! Look for it in my next post!


  1. What a gorgeous field trip! I love the accompanying music, too! Lovely! My sister is living in Switzerland right now and I know she would love for us to come for a visit. You make me feel like hopping on a plane today!:) Hope Jayden feels better soon! So glad you liked the panda commercials!;) Lori

  2. Wonderful pictures. We certainly enjoyed our visit to England 5 years ago. Wanting to go back but just don't know when! Have a grand day! Cathy

  3. Such an awesome tour Eileen. I'm sorry that you couldn't meet them in France but That cute new granddaughter would stop me from going too!
    And Jayden of coarse, poor thing. There is so many bugs around right now and allergies are really bad here as everything is blooming!
    That was so nice of your sis to share all of those photos and what a handsome son she has! I'm sure they are having a wonderful time, warm beer and all!
    My daydream spot is Italy, specifically Tuscany. That would be a dream come true for me!
    Thanks for the cool tour, love you, Di ♥

  4. Eileen, first of all, this is the perfect day to post this because it is Tartan Day. But before I get started on the post, let me say I'm sorry to hear Jayden is sick. Mr. Magpie must have that same thing. I hope both are better soon!

    Oh, Eileen, I love Scotland more than any place I've ever been, with the exception of America. I adored every shot, and I love your music on your blog today.

    I had ancestors in Glasgow and Paisley as well as the Highlands and really all around, but it is just wonderful seeing it. We missed Glasgow on our trip there, and it is supposed to be so scenic and lovely. Your pictures bear that out. We took in Edinburgh (which I loved) and stayed in St. Andrews (which I dearly love) and made day trips out from there to the Highlands and to the Highland Games. We had all sorts of adventures!

    I am so happy you posted this. I think it is wonderful that your nephew is at the university in Glasgow. I'm not sure but my GG Grandfather either went to school there or the University of Edinburgh when he was young. I'm still trying to figure out which one, but it was in the first half of the 1800's.

    Scotland Forever!


    Sheila :-)

  5. Wow how wonderful. I just love the "oldness" of Europe. I live in the wild wild west. It isn't that old here. Yeah cowboys and indians stuff but even the East Coast where you are is "older" and history is deeper and buildings are just "older" and "richer" and the architecture is just...well just beautiful! How fun to share with us your sisters vacation! I am loving it!


    Oh my what a great trip. I so enjoyed traveling via your sister and you. thanks. I so understand about finances and otherobligations that inhibit travel and for me it is so hard to travel because of the fatigue of it all and how that impacts MS. We mange short trips but not so much more than 2 hours travel. phew. We are reconciled. But enough about me. I am so glad you can travel vicariously - enjoy. :-)
    Love Gail

  7. I blog with several people in Europe and England...like Linda, I love the oldness and history of the buildings, bridges and countryside. Sorry you missed out on such a lovely trip, Eileen, but you have a sweet new granddaughter to make up for it. My granddaughter spent last summer volunteering in Northern Ireland...beautiful scenes everywhere...especially Giant's Causeway.

    Hope Jayden is feeling better and that you are having good weather. I've spent the day working in the yard and sitting in the sun quite a bit too. 78* is predicted for the weekend! Finally it's warm!

  8. Hope Dianne took lots of warm clothes, it is always damp and cold in Scotland (even in mid summer) but I love it. It is so full of history and the shops are so quaint, you can get cold beer only they call it a pint......love seeing these pictures Eileen.
    How is the new granddaughter, so hope Jayden feels better soon.
    I am still waiting for a nice warm Spring rain to help get rid of all this dirty snow.....sending big hugs to all of you....:-)

  9. What history! Wow! So many old charming looking buildings.

    Glad to hear Jayden is on the mend, at least sort of. Poor little guy.