Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Bonnets, Scavenger Hunt, Sickness, And A Birthday Celebration

I had a great week. It was a busy week, but it was wonderful, and it was a week filled with family, friends, and many Blessings. And I am so grateful!

And Easter brought even more delights! After Mass I got busy with dinner, and then there was lots of eating and visiting with family, and we also celebrated Mia's 4th Birthday with everyone here. (Unfortunately neither Ray nor I thought to take any family pictures, but we always remember to take pictures of the grandkids!):

We actually didn't get a chance to see Sophie on Easter, too many family members have been sick lately (my sister-in-law Susie missed out on celebrating Easter, she was home sick yesterday), and the medical professionals today make new parents "germ crazy" by telling them if a newborn runs a fever they MUST do a spinal tap on her. So, of course, no one wants to take the chance that Sophie might get sick. (Poor Mia was even banned from her own home when she got the virus and had to stay with her Grandmum for a few days).
So Lori and Sophie weren't able to join us, but they sent us some pictures of them enjoying their Easter morning and of the girls in their Easter bonnets:

And lucky for us, Erik & Mia were able to visit with us later in the day so the family could have a big Birthday celebration for Mia.

Before we got ready for Mass, Jayden had a little scavenger hunt and it was lots of fun for us to watch him:

Jayden was used to an Easter Egg hunt that only involved him searching the house for plastic eggs with a treasure of M & M's inside. So this was a little different for him...

...and it took some getting used to on his part. But once he got the idea, he really enjoyed it!

My daughter Katie reminded me that I used to make up clues for them to have a little scavenger hunt along with the egg hunt, so I decided to try it this year with Jayden.

He said, "That was hard work, but it was worth it! And it was fun!"

Later in the day when Mia walked into our living room and saw all the Birthday gifts everyone brought for her, her eyes went wide and she said, "Wow!"

Mia got lots of dolls, and lots of dresses, tea sets, dishes, figurines, and so much more, and she was thrilled with each and every one!

She's a sweet girl, taking care with each gift, and opening each gift so daintily, and very appreciative of each one too.

(I love these yellow shoes!)

Then it was time for Birthday cake!

I sometimes think the family is like the paparazzi! We are constantly snapping pictures of these children! (And they are such good sports, posing with frozen smiles!)

In addition to the birthday cake, the family indulged us by bringing so many delicious treats! Ann, Erin, and Diane brought some Easter cupcakes along with them. Decorated so pretty for Easter!

Steve and Diane also brought this canoli cake. It looked too pretty to eat! But I forced myself and it was delicious!

I also had a taste of the birthday cake and it was yummy too. But there were way too many desserts to sample them all! Everyone came with something, there was cheesecake, and angel food cake, and coffee cake, and carrot cake, in addition to a few desserts I made.
And one of the desserts I made were Wanda's Reese's Peanut Butter Cup cookies, and the Birthday Girl loved them (Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are Mia's favorite candy, so this cookie was a big hit)! I sent her home with some, and she told me she's coming to visit this week so she can get more! Thanks for posting the recipe, Wanda, everyone enjoyed them!

'Hope you all enjoyed a Blessed Easter too!


  1. What a beautiful birthday girl, love to see your family together and seeing Jayden look for his eggs, Sophie is adorable and so were their bonnets. I had a beautiful Easter, very quiet only the 3 of us but I loved it. Love you....Hugs

  2. Loved the last photo of Jayden and Mia at their own table and the one of little Sophie in her bonnet. Glad Mia loved the cookies, Andrew and Dylan still do also!

  3. Wow Eileen, I think I gained 10 pounds just thinking about all of that delicious looking dessert. I could use some right now.
    The children looked beautiful, Lori looked a little tired. But I can understand why!!
    I'm glad you all had a good day. It seemed like a happy Easter! Love Di ♥

  4. Looks like everyone had a great Easter! You have such a beautiful family. (((Hugs))) T

  5. HI EILEEN - 'Happy Birthday' to Mia. She is adorable :-) And I so love your family celebrations - and I so honor the chapters/memories you are creating - they are life-giving in the best of ways.
    Love to you

  6. This was so fun to see! Seems I had heard about the spinal tap threat too. I do know, at least around here, that they automatically hospitalize a baby with a fever under 2 months of age. Scary.

    That last picture is adorable. But really they all are. So fun to see little Sophie growing up. She looks so cute in all that pinky pink, and her sister in that gorgeous yellow.

    Grandchildren are the BEST.

  7. Beautiful, beautiful! I would have been in REAL trouble with all that sugar! Mia is precious and it's good to hear that she is just as sweet and polite as she is beautiful. I can't remember seeing yellow shoes. Very cute.

    The scavenger hunt sounds like a great idea. Jayden is definitely growing up!

  8. what an adorable little princess! Her shoes and dress match, I don't think I have ever seen yellow little shoes! So cute! Jayden is just turning into a little man! SCARY! Sophi is beautiful and YES it is horrible with all the viruses going around to keep these babies safe from sickness. What a beautiful family you have. I don't know how you make it through a holiday without gaining 20 lbs!