Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sophie Smiles

I've been told that Sophie has steel blue eyes, but I haven't seen her with her eyes open yet, so yesterday when we were visiting at the hospital I was on a quest to get her to open her eyes.
At first I tried tickling the bottom of her feet and I got this reaction:

(Grandma, stop disturbing my peace!)

Then I put her down in the bassinet and I started bothering her, I stooped down and I whispered, "Sophie! Sophie! Sophie!" but she just shut her eyes tighter and seemed to be saying, "Grandma, just go away!"

But I wasn't about to give up, again I whispered, "Sophie! Sophie! Sophie!", and she still didn't open her eyes but I got this gift:

(Notice the dimple!)


  1. Oh my but she is so beautiful.....what does Mia and Jayden think about the new addition?...Hugs

  2. Awe E, Sophie is so precious and beautiful!!! Such a wonderful gift! Blessings!
    ((((hugs))))) T

  3. This is just precious! She has secrets already, you can tell.:) Look at the secret smile! And that dimple is tooo delicious! Lori

  4. See, she knows you are her Umma!
    She looks just like her sister when she you think so?
    What a capture to get a smile so soon!!!

  5. She is so adorable Eileen. Your post reminded me of when Frank was born and I would always want to wake him up! That was 33 years ago today!
    I completely get why you wanted to see her awake!
    Love Di ♥

  6. Wow, what a truly gorgeous baby. I know you are all happy Sophie has arrived and things went well. I am happy for all of you and I know Sophie will be so loved by your family.