Monday, March 7, 2011

Moving Voice, Powerful, Prayerful Song

I love 'Les Miserables', I've seen it four times on Broadway, and I've listened to the CD over and over again (well, actually the first version we had was a cassette tape which I listened to over and over again), and I especially love the song 'Bring Him Home'. I've heard quite a few different renditions of this song, and every version has always moved me to tears.
But last night I saw this on PBS and it blew me away, and Alfie Boe made me forget every other version:


  1. what a voice, what a voice. Beautiful. I've always loved that song, but oh my, this out does them all. I would love to listen to this song in the dark...with no distractions, just this gorgeous voice!

  2. I missed the PBS special. (Wonder if it will be rebroadcast?)

    And oh! How I enjoyed looking over the house plans! Looks like you have some great options - and the decider might be how you all decide to live - in one house or 2...

    So fantastic to have access to pool/community room, etc.

  3. Well I've never seen Les Miserables so I wouldn't really know the music. But he seemed to have a nice voice. It's not really the kind of music that I listen to but it wasn't awful! LOL!
    Love Di ♥

  4. Hi Eileen
    I have not seen Les Miserables. I have certainly heard about it. Amazing voice!!! I have never heard of this singer (So much for culture) : ).
    (((HUGS))) T