Monday, October 4, 2010

Comments And Some Happy News!

Well, it seems that my sidebar is working somewhat and I can get to blogs (with the exception of a few) but I can NOT comment! I just keep getting some sort of error message and something about an URL problem???? I give up!
So I decided to use my own blog post to comment on your blog posts! (Keeping my fingers crossed that this will actually post, still having trouble with that too!).

Diana ~ So sorry that you haven't been feeling well. I hope all your tests come with good results. Take care of yourself and make sure to post when you're feeling better.
I loved those gloves you knitted for Katie and so sweet of you to make a pair for Natasha! And I'm in agreement with you about Katie's trouble in school, I don't know the whole story, but it does sound like the school is going overboard! Feel good, Sweetie.

Linda ~ 'Loved your lizard post! So sweet of you and your husband to rescue him! And I so understand about the blogging, I've been so neglectful lately, I thought once the Summer was over I'd be better, but it's hard to get back into it, I just feel like my life is so boring and who in their right mind would want to read about it?!
We're actually going on vacation in a few weeks, and then after that I hope to blog regularly.
'Really liked the idea of 'Second Chances'!

Rebecca ~ So sorry about your knee pain, but so glad to hear that prayer has helped! I'm with you, I'd rather pray the problem away than go to doctors or go for tests! Doctors and testing are always my LAST resort!
Your husband did a wonderful job on your kitchen table and I love how you worked together on the chairs! Your kitchen looks so cozy, warm, and inviting!
And Happy Birthday to Taniah, she looks so adorable on the amusement ride!

Cathy ~ I enjoyed the Band Competition photos, thanks for sharing them. I wasn't able to go back to many older posts so I didn't get to see the meme, but I will be trying again later.
I always enjoy your 'Bad Haiku Friday' which are NEVER bad! The Fall picture was beautiful!

TechnoBabe ~ 'Loved the 'Life Lessons'! And my heart sank as I read about your daughter and the bullies, I'm was so happy to read about her spunk though!
The car accident was unbelievable! FOR SURE YOU HAD AN ANGEL BESIDE YOU!
And the post about your Dad and the record player was so touching, and so bittersweet.

Janine ~ "Softly" was really sweet, I love your writing, your poetry, your artwork, and your photography! Beautiful talent! God Bless!

Bernie ~ So glad you've been enjoying nicer weather and better health. I've been thinking of you. I haven't been able to get onto Facebook lately so I wasn't able to keep in touch, I love when I can at least see little snippets of what is going on. I enjoyed reading about your visit with Dale and time spent with Fallon. Feel good, Bernie.

Carol ~ I was able to catch up a little with you, I enjoyed your football video and the tote too! And your cousin's art is beautiful! She has a lot of creative talent (much like you!), and thanks for sharing the 'Rag Time Street Fair', that was lots of fun! 'Also loved your party popcorn and Fall decorations!
I had no idea about using up Blog space! Maybe that's my problem lately?
I am thinking about starting a whole new blog, maybe that will help!

Gail ~ GOOD FOR YOU! I'm so happy to read of your healing, empowering journey and I pray that it continue. I enjoyed reading about your good experience in going back to your former job for the celebration too, I can well understand your trepidation, I'm glad it was a positive experience for you!

Wanda ~ I really love visiting your woods! I actually did a 'Lost And Found' post too (Jayden losing his first tooth in the pool and then finding it) but it never posted! Those were really unique rocks your grandson found! And, of course, I especially loved the heart rocks with the moss and ferns, and I am always amazed that you and your family find these beauties all the time! Great post!

Marydon ~ Happy Belated Birthday and Anniversary Wishes! Sounds like you had very sweet celebrations. And thank you for taking us along on your visits, that was fun! And I admire your perseverance! I will keep your friends in my prayers.

Sheila ~ So sorry to read about your husband's health problems, but I'm happy to read that his surgery went well. I will keep you both in my prayers. I was sad to read about the loss of your dear friend too, I can just imagine the void that is left.
And I love how you always feel Blessed and spread joy no matter what you have going on. You have a way of looking on the bright side of everything!
Thanks for sharing your Tea Party celebration too! The girls looked like they enjoyed it, and nice that you were able to make a change in your plans so happily and with such ease.

GarnetRose ~ I really enjoyed your observations on Religion and Church, and I agree with much of what you said. I'm sorry that you haven't been feeling well though. I've been dealing with a 'down in the dumps' kind of feeling myself lately so I can commiserate. I will keep you in my prayers.

Jill ~ I was happy to see that my comment of a few days ago actually did post even though I got that message that it was too long! And it was MUCH too long, sorry!
This time I got a message that I couldn't comment at all, so I'm doing it here. I love how you enjoyed your conference and I LOVE how you share your feelings and insights. I really enjoyed the pictures of your family too, all the pictures of the sleepy-heads, it was sweet!
REALLY SORRY to read about poor Robbie though! Poor boy! How are things going with school? Is he able to attend? I can't get over his sweet smiling face, while lying in bed with a broken leg and an ice pack on him!
And I can't wait to read your good news! You sounded much like me, good news to tell but need the 'OKAY' to go ahead!

Okay, I'm very sorry to FiFi, Becky, and Lidj because I could not access your blogs! I will try again later.

Here's a little picture post of what we've been doing lately (that is if Blogger cooperates and lets me load the pictures!):

Sadly, I will be bike riding solo as my sister Diane has gone back to a full-time job. I miss her A LOT!

But on a happier note, we received some very exciting news this Summer! And I now have the 'okay' to share it! This little princess...

...will be getting a new little brother or sister in April!!! Yipee! Ray and I are going to be grandparents again!

And here's the happy little family now, coming to watch Jayden play soccer (daughter-in-law Lori looks like she's just beginning to show):

Here's Jayden sitting on his soccer ball, patiently awaiting his turn to practice kicking a goal:

And here are some of Jayden's fans sitting on the sidelines:

It was so cold and windy on that field yesterday, but Jayden kept warm running around:

And Umma kept warm by pulling her favorite little girl onto her lap!

(Notice all the gray hair coming in?! It's a long, slow process. I'm hoping the gray will be long enough when we get back from vacation for me to get most of the red cut off. We'll see.)

Have a wonderful week!
(Keeping my fingers crossed that this will actually post to my blog!)


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh I am so so so excited for all of you. What a blessing. I'm also excited anticipating all the blog posts in the future (hopefully)of your new little grandbaby. Jayden and Mia are so cute and fun, that I just know this new one will be, too.

    Thank you for the comments! I am going to copy and paste them onto my own comment section on my blog. And your comments on my blog are NEVER too long...I always love and appreciate every single word of yours.

    Your good news made my day! :)

  2. Actually, Eileen, that was my son Steve with me at the creek, he also found the strange rock. Congratualations on the family addition.

  3. So sorry for the mess on your blog...DRAT! Did enjoy your pictures. Congratulation on the expected wee one. We are expecting (well Jimmy and Kelly are) expecting their 1st wee one in March! Will be our 11th. We too are very excited!! Wishing you well dear friend. So glad you're posting even without comments! Thank you too for your kind words! Cathy

  4. HI EILEEN and Happy Autumn-

    Big congratulations on becoming grandparents again come this April - new life, new hope. :-)
    Gret way to respond to all of us. "thank you" and my computer is "off". can't get fonts right and it is shutting off all the time. ack! I will have to spend the money and clear the virus. oh well.

    Be well'
    Love you
    peace and hope.....

  5. Oh it is so good to read a post from you Eileen. I am over at Greg's and today was pajama day at school so Fallon and I headed to Walmart last night for new pajamas.....she looked so cute with her pig tails this morning.
    Congratulations, so exciting expecting a new grandchild. It is so good to see pictures of the kids Eileen and you do look cold but great.
    Take care sweetie.......:-) Hugs

  6. Right after my note to you on facebook, I came over here to check! What happiness it brought me to meet you here! Every picture brought a delighted sigh from me as it told its story. I'm loving your hair. It tells me you are comfortable in your own "skin". It was fun to see the newly expectant family. Even the bicycle picture was beautiful and told me how you are adapting to some other changes in your life. Good to see the Jadan and "the Princess" healthy, smiling, and energetic!

  7. I loved the way you posted your comments Eileen. It was like reading a newsletter. I haven't been online much at all until today.

    I am so happy for your family anticipating a new addition! And April baby, maybe on my birthday!!

    And I'm sorry that you're riding alone now, I'd take a spin with you if I could!
    Love Di ♥

  8. Oh, how very kind of you!!! So fun to read what everyone has been doing as well!!! And I love the bikes!!! BTW, you look beautiful!! And congrats on another grandchild coming!! So exciting!!! Love to you! Janine XO

  9. Oh happy day!!! Umma is going to be Umma again!!! Lovely news...absolutely the best!!! I'm so excited for you....and I can't wait to see photos of you getting some sweet sugar.
    Your comments on your blog made me smile verrrry much! Bless your heart!! Commenting on your blog because you can't get to the comment section on others' kind and sweet you are. Blogger is up its old tricks. I get all kinds of weird messages...errors...and sometimes the comment section won't work at all...sigh. But....Umma has it covered!! You do make me smile.
    I'm going to post about my bicycle "incident" soon. I still have to get over the shock of it. It involved a trip to the hospital...and a further trip to the doctor. I didn't fall. was bizarre!!!....and I'll explain on my blog. I love the photo of the bikes on your blog. Give Mia and Jayden kisses from Nana (that's me)...

  10. Thank you, everyone, for your kind comments. I'm going to try and spend some time this weekend visiting you all again, and I'll see if the comments work for me, otherwise I'll come back here and post them again.

    Jill, you are always so sweet! I love visiting you and your family, and I love your comments! I'll have to do some catching up with you this weekend.

    Wanda, I knew that was your SON, I guess I just have grandkids on the brain! Thanks for visiting here!

    Cathy, Congratulations to you too! Eleven grandchildren! You are Blessed!

    Gail, so sorry about your computer problems! It's such a shame because the computer is so vital to our lives now! Feel good. You've been on my mind and in my prayers.

    Hi,Bernie, so good to hear from you! I've been missing the village and the villagers so much! I feel like I'm miles away, so it's nice to catch up here and there at least.

    Thank you, Rebecca, for visiting here,and thanks for all your kind words and messages to me on Facebook. You are a good friend!

    Hi, Diana, I've been thinking of you so much, I hope you're feeling better.
    And you always make me smile no matter what is going on with your life, you have a wonderful sense of humor and it is infectious! I had to laugh when you said my post was like reading a newsletter! And I would LOVE if we could go bike riding together!
    I think my new grandbaby will be early April so he or she will be here before your birthday comes around again. Exciting!

    Janine, thanks so much for stopping by. I usually have so much luck visiting your blog through Facebook, but not lately! When I try to access blogs now all I get is a blank page, so I was happy that my sidebar was working again!
    Good luck with all your art projects and your book!

    Jackie! I had no idea you were still blogging! I thought you had shut down. When I try to get to your blog it says it can no longer be accessed (a very different message from the one I get trying to access other blogs)!
    My goodness, I'll have so much to catch up on with you! How do I get there? I tried clicking on your name in my comment section (that usually works for other blogs) but I still get that same message. Help!

    Thank you all! I enjoy your visits so much!

  11. Dear Eileen,
    How wonderful that you and hubby are going to be grandparents again! I can only imagine how excited all of you must be. congratulations!!!! I take my blog day by day. I figured a easier way to get my pictures loaded but I am at the end of my quota of pictures. I did purchase a little more space but I have no idea if it will work for my blog or not. I almost stopped blogging all together but I missed it to much. I'm so glad your back blogging again because all of us have missed you ♥