Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's Soccer Time!

Okay, I think some of my Blogger problems might be fixed. I think I'm stuck with this small font though, so everyone get out your magnifiers! (For some reason a lot of my problems started when I tried to enlarge the font).

I posted a 'picture post' last week, Blogger said it published successfully, but Blogger lied. Well, maybe it published successfully somewhere, but it did not publish successfully on ''Umma's World"!

Also, I want to thank everyone for all your suggestions, and I have been 'googling' to find the right fit for my blog, and in searching I have found that a great many people have been having trouble with Blogger ever since Blogger upgraded and made 'improvements'. Many complaints about disappearing photos and posts, so I'm not alone in my complaints anyway, and that made me feel better. Misery really does love company!

Anyway, we've been enjoying some nice Fall weather and some NOT so nice Fall weather, a tornado touched down in our area last week, and something called a 'macro burst' or a 'micro burst' or whatever, which had winds that were 150 miles an hour compared to the tornado at 80 miles an hour! It was scary. Lots of wind, lots of thunder and lightening, and what looked like a river running down the street! We weren't hit too bad, but just a few blocks away it looked like a war zone. Our son lives in the next town over and a tree came down on his house just as he was closing a window (he said the sky was an eerie color green!) and a tree branch landed on the hood of his car.

Okay, on to a nicer subject:
Jayden joined developmental soccer this year and he loves it, the first weekend the weather wasn't great, it was cold and windy, and it started to rain, but Jayden didn't notice at all. He really enjoyed himself, and that's how I get him through the week (another bad year with him not wanting to go to school), I have him count down the days until soccer!

Mia has started Nursery, she goes two days a week, and my daughter-in-law says she's doing very well and she's enjoying it. She's also taking dance classes again this year (and she wore her little tutu to our house one day).

(They grew a LOT, right?)

And I'm taking advantage of Jayden being in school full days, I'm trying to tackle projects both big and small around the house, I really need to purge my home with the hope of a major move within the next five years. I only hope the economy cooperates!
Well, I guess we will be wherever we are meant to be.

Okay, I'm off to visit all of you. (I notice that I have lots of success if I click on your names in my comment section and then come to your blogs through your profile pages, otherwise I 'google' you because I still just get an error message when I click on my sidebar).

Have a great week everyone!


  1. HI EILEEN-''
    So you are feeling better, yes? phew. Great pictures of the kids. :-)
    I am so glad Fall is arriving. Amen. Be well my friend, talk soon,

    Love Gail
    peace and hope

  2. Eileen!!! It was so nice to hear from you. I have truly missed you and those adorable grands of yours. Jayden reminds me so much of our Thomas when he was little. Your family in soccer and ours in football :>) Mia is beautiful in her little tutu. Enjoy the fall weather because pretty soon it will be winter again ugh!!! I have had so many problems with blogger and my computer lately. Very frustrating indeed

  3. It's good to see cute Mia with her sweet smile and Jayden with his big blue eyes! Alivia just started playing soccer too!

    Your storm sounds like one we had 2 years ago about this time...terrible damage. I do hope uour blogging keeps improving Eileen. I still use the old editor with no problems. How's the gray coming along?

    Enjoy Autumn!

  4. G'day Eileen ~ Oh, how I dislike those micro-bursts, they are scary & so dangerous. We've had them VERY near us.

    Love the pics of the kid-lings, they are absolutely adorable & beautiful.

    Have a great day ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  5. I just love it that you are back Eileen. I missed you so much! I can't believe Jayden doesn't want to go to school. He must really enjoy hanging out with Umma! But the soccer is a good thing. And I can see little Mia dancing around in her tutu!
    I don't remember you mentioning a move. You will have to tell more! Love Di ♥

  6. Mia and Jayden have grown, girl! So glad you're getting some time to work on some projects! That always feels so good!! Jayden playing soccer is just adorable! What a little man! Hope everything else there is good, sweetie!

    Have a blessed week!

  7. Blogger has had the hiccups, apparently! :))))
    So glad to see you, Eileen.
    I can't get over how much Jayden and Mia have grown.... (still handsome and beautiful, of course!)
    Hugs and love from Jackie

  8. The progress seems to be slow but steady!!! Just glad to have you back. Mia and Jayden are just as darling as every! Cathy

  9. Wonderful to see the pictures. I know it was a frustrating time for you to have no cooperation from Blogger. Yes, I heard others complain about loss of photos and even loss of posts after they updated to the new and improved look on Blogger.
    So glad you are doing well.

  10. You are not kidding Mia and Jayden have both grown! I can really see the passage of time in your 2 babies. I wonder why Jayden does not like school? And tell us about your thought of moving in 5 years. We are thinking along those lines too. We have a 10 year plan....trying to do what is best for us now, so life will be easier in 10 years (being we will be older and all).

  11. ARGH! how frustrating! My gosh the kiddies have grown so much! I think it is so funny how they cannot make soccer shorts to fit these little guys lol! I love soccer, I loose my voice each time one of the grand kids are on a team. I am the screaming grand mother on the side lines running back and forth! Jayden will get use to school. He is just having anxiety withdrawal from Umma like you are from him LOL. It will get better. hugs and smiles Eileen

  12. I'm soo sorry about the Blogger trouble...I've had some too...so I can share your misery :-)) Jayden and Mia are soo wonderful!!! I'm so glad he is enjoying soccer...it is a wonderful sport...And so much fun to watch them play!! And I can't blame Jayden for not wanting to go to school...after all, it is so much more fun and interesting to spend time with his Umma!!!Love you!! Janine XO

  13. I'm back...Tagging you for a Laughter MEME!!! Have a grand weekend! Cathy

  14. Just stopping by to give you a cyber hug and smile...sending my love!!! ~Janine XO

  15. The G'kids really HAVE grown! I miss you tons, Eileen. I love your comment, "I guess we will be wherever we are meant to be." That pretty well sums up life, doesn't it? No need to plan/worry too far into the future.

    Sorry I'm so late to see this post. It was precious.

  16. wonderful photos. the kids are adorable.