Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mia Knows Her Other Grandpa

I love this story and I thought I'd share it for Father's Day weekend.

One day our granddaughter Mia (she was two at the time) asked our daughter-in-law, "Mommy, do you have a Daddy?"

(Lori's Dad passed away when Lori was just seventeen. She and our son Erik met on the first Anniversary of his death.)
So Lori told Mia that yes, she had a Daddy, and she reminded Mia that they had talked about him and that he was in Heaven.

Later that evening while Mia was brushing her teeth and getting ready for bed Lori asked Mia, "Why did you ask me about my Daddy?" And Mia said, "Because I know him."

Lori: "You know him?"
Mia: "Yes, I know him."
Lori: "How do you know him?"
Mia: "I know him very, very, very well."
Lori: "When did you see him?"
Mia: "It was a long, long, long time ago."
Lori: "Did he say anything to you?"
Mia: "Yes, he said to say 'Thank you'."

I love it!

Blessed Father's Day
to Fathers here on Earth
and to Fathers watching over us from above in Heaven


  1. Oh this is a cute story, and I join you in wishing all fathers either here or in heaven a very Happy Father's Day........:-) Hugs

  2. Eileen- How precious! You almost have me in tears over here! Thank you so much for sharing this story with us, Sweetie. You have the most tender heart and I wish I could give you a hug in person!:) Big Hugs across the miles... Lori

  3. Such a sweet story Eilene. You never know!


  4. Oh what a treasured memories! Such a tender story!!!! God Bless ! Cathy

  5. I was watching Dateline last night and they showed this little four year old girl (at the time) who's father was killed during 9/11.
    Her mother found her talking in her room one day and the little girl told her that she was talking to her daddy and two other men whom she named but had never met. It turned out that those men too perished and were friends of the little girls daddy. Today the girl is nine and remembers the incident clearly.
    This is when they discovered many other incidents that happened to the survivors of loved one's from that day!
    So maybe Mia does know her other grandpa! I wouldn't be a bit surprised.
    It was a great father's day story Eileen!
    Love Di ♥


    "thank you" so powerful. amazing.

    Love to you and Happy Father's Day to all the Father's in your world

    Love gail
    peace and hope for us all

  7. What a sweetie that Mia is!

    Love you a bunch, Eileen. Come take a peek at my little goddaughter. She's growing up so fast!


    Sheila :-)

  8. This is so sweet. Lori is a lovely mom.
    I hope the fathers in your family are blessed this Fathers Day.

  9. Oh, Eileen....this is one that makes me cry...with happiness, of course....but...cry, I did.
    Out of the mouth of babes....sigh.
    God is so good.
    Much love to you,

  10. Hi Eileen,
    I believe that Mia knows her other grandpa! Wow, what an inspiring story, it brings me to tears.

    My daughter Tracy was a twin, but her twin, did not develop. When Tracy was born, I would have her in my arms and still hear another baby crying...later, when Tracy was about 3 she talked about a little girl that came to visit her, who looked just like her. She insisted, and even gave her a name, Keeni. I believed her, and I believe Mia too. ((((HUGS)))) T

  11. OH I love this. Sweet little Mia. She loves her Umma and Grandpa, her Jayden, her parents, dancing, and her little duckies. Now we also know she loves her Grandpa she has never met on this earth. Perhaps he is the one who escorted her here. I believe someone helped each one of us. The veil is very thin, especially with babies and innocent little children.

    Eileen, you have another very addicting piece of music on!

  12. Just too precious. "Out of the mouth of babes...."

  13. Mia is a very, very special little girl...this really touched my heart profoundly, Eileen...thank you for the reminder that our Dads watch us from heaven! Thank you with all of my heart!!! Love, Janine XO

  14. This post brought tears to my eyes, and yes, I do believe Mia knows her other grandfather. I think our family watches over us. I also believe we will see them all one day again ♥