Monday, June 28, 2010

Knocked Me Out!

Whatever this virus is that I had really knocked the wind out of my sail! I feel old and tired.
I have spent so much of my time sleeping these past few weeks. I'm taken aback by my weakness and really bewildered by it all.
It seems not that long ago I was spending my mornings walking and bike riding with my sister Diane (I'll post about that another time), and I knew all of that was going to have to change with Jayden home from school now in the mornings, but I didn't think my mornings would take on this much of a change! Jayden and I sleep in late, and then we have a leisurely breakfast of rice and toast. Well, Jayden has the rice, a great big bowl of rice each morning (and then a bowl of chicken and rice for lunch):

My breakfast is whole grain toast with honey and cinnamon:

If the weather is not too hot and humid we eat breakfast outside:

And then Jayden spends a lot of his mornings drawing and coloring and I spend my time here at the dining table working on jigsaw puzzles:

(My daughter Ellie bought these Thomas Kinkade puzzles and they are very hard to do, I was yelling at her because they take up half the dining table, and they take so long to do. But after I got sick I was happy to have them to work on!)

(And the second one went together much quicker than the first one!)

And then it's usually nap time for us!

Listen to this bit of weirdness that happened to me while napping one day. It was the day of Jayden's graduation from Pre-K, and Ray had taken the day off, that afternoon I went out back by the pool with a pillow and laid on one of the lounge chairs to nap in the sun (it was one of my days when I could not get rid of a chill inside me). Anyway, I think that I have sleep apnea because I will wake up many nights (a few times a night) gasping for air, if you've had that happen to you, well, you know it's not a nice feeling at all!
While napping out back I dreamed that I was visiting my Mom when she was in the nursing home, and all of a sudden she said to me, "You better go", and with that, I was on my front porch and my best friend Barbara pulled up in her car, she leaned over to the passenger window and called out to me, "Eileen, breathe! Eileen, wake up, it's happening again!"
And I did wake up gasping for air.
I settled down, fell asleep, and this time dreamed I was visiting my Dad on hospice care, and he said to me, "It's time to go now", again, I was on my front porch, Barbara pulled up in her car and said, "Eileen, wake up, it's happening again."
And again, I woke up gasping for air.

And later that day while sleeping I dreamed that Raymond told me to wake up because it was going to happen again, and it did!
So I wonder is my brain triggering these episodes? Am I so fearful of it happening that I make it happen? Or is my brain trying to protect me?
Either way, very weird, right?

This sleep apnea thing (or whatever it is) isn't something new, it's been happening on and off for a few years, it just seems to have gotten worse lately.
But definitely this sleeping all the time is new! Yesterday we were at my sister-in-law Susie's house, she invited us over so we could visit with my mother-in-law Helena. Sue and Doug picked her up from Jersey on Saturday and she'll be staying with them for a few weeks
(I warned Susie we might be bringing a virus into her house, she said she didn't care). It was a nice, relaxing day, just us and Jayden. Susie has a beautiful park-like yard, very big, and they have a pond, and her husband Doug had Jayden feed the turtles that were in it, and Jayden also had lots of fun swimming in their big pool.
I'm still not feeling great, and after eating my stomach was bothering me (that's what happens now, I have a stomach ache for a few hours after eating all the time now), and I laid down on their couch and proceeded to fall asleep for a few hours (if I didn't know better I would think I was bitten by a tse-tse fly)! How rude, right?! Thank goodness it wasn't the usual big crowd, so I didn't have to be too embarrassed.

I don't know what this is that I have, but I'm going to wish it 'good riddance'!
My sister Diane thought it was food poisoning, but my oldest son came down with it last week too (he missed two days of work and he had fever and many of the same symptoms Jayden and I had), and my youngest daughter too is not feeling well now, and Ray said he feels like he's coming down with something. Whatever this crazy virus is, I wish my household (and my body) would be rid of it once and for all!

Okay, so there you have my past few weeks, not very exciting.
And now I'm off to visit with you before nap time!


  1. Eileen, I think you need to go to the doctor and at least let them run some blood tests. Then you will know how to fight whatever is it you're up against. In the meantime, I just prayed for you and your family. And sleep apnea is serious business. You need to have that checked. They can fix it with a breathing mask. I have friends and family who battle it.

    Concerned about you, my friend...



  2. I agree with Sheila...get yourself to a doctor, Eileen! Maybe the sleep apnea is the reason for your tiredness, but it could be something else!

    Out of no where back in May, I was getting extremely tired, sighing a lot, feeling restless and grumpy...just not myself. Then suddenly my blood pressure, which is normally 115/77 went up to 158/90...after blood tests that next day...I was diagnosed with a low functioning thyroid. One little pill a day and I'm back to normal. So please don't ignore being could be addition to the virus you had!


  3. Eileen- Sweetie, I do pray that you feel better soon, dear friend. Go ahead and get a little check up and see what the doctor says. It couldn't hurt.:) I hate going to the doctor but perhaps you can have some questions answered. It appears that you are quite worried about it as it is following you in your dreams! Love you bunches, dear friend! Please keep us posted! Lori

  4. If you've been feeling that poorly for weeks Eileen, you really should see a doctor. The stomach thing could be something that needs medication. Several years ago my stomach wouldn't stop bothering me. I went to the doctor and was prescribed some anti-biotics which I thought strange for a stomach thing but he was right. I had some sort if infection in my stomach. I thought it very strange.
    And I think your dreams are telling you something! You should listen! Love Di ♥

  5. I've been worried about you lately and now I know why. What a horrible virus. Maybe you can get your sleep apnea checked. No wonder you are so tired during the day with that all night long. My husband had that but got it taken care of and he's a new man much more energy. Take care Eileen and please keep us updated on how you are feeling, even if it's just a few lines.


    Oh my, I am so sorry you are not feeling well. It would be a good idea to have some blood work and be tested for Lyme disease. k? Meanwhile, honor your symptoms and give your body time to heal. I love you and all you are and do and feel and believe and share. I do.

    Love to you
    peace and hope.....

  7. Oh,'ve been so very, very sick!!! I'm soooooo sorry!!! Nap as much as you need to, and just get better!!! And then, talk to your doctor about sleep husband has it...and they can set you up with helps for it! That not being able to breath is EXTREMELY scary...and I love you and don't want anything bad to happen to you...please do take care of yourself...I will be praying for your recovery...Love you so much! Janine OX

  8. If it is sleep apnea, you would be tired during the day and need sleep in the day because you are getting woken up so much during the night. I am so sorry you still don't feel well. When you feel strong enough maybe a trip to a doctor for a test for sleep apnea would ease your mind.

  9. Hi Eileen,
    I too have been worried about you and Jayden, and now after I hear about your dreams and that you are so tired all the time, I also think you should get a check up.

    The dreams are warning you about something, and you should pay attention. I am praying for you and your family, and hoping you will all feel better soon. Missing you and, like your mom and dad said "you had better go now"! To see the doctor. (((Love and Hugs)))) T

  10. Hi Eileen, I am sorry you haven't been feeling well, and now the bug is going through the house it seems.
    The others are right, it won't hurt to see your doctor....he will have some blood work done and rule out anything serious.
    Will keep you and your family in my heart and prayers, big hugs to Jayden and Mia....:-)

  11. You know I had a strange bug, too. And I am still feeling congested and TIRED!! I will wake up feeling ok, and then get soooo sleepy that I can barely hold my eyes open! It's nuts! Nothing seems to help. I'm praying for you gal! Those dreams were weird indeed! It sounds like it's time for a sleep study for you. Your tiredness could be a result of the apnea if that is what it is. Keep us updated, and please pray that I get an answer, too!
    Love ya!!

  12. Eileen I hope you feel better soon. Our son has been off work a week with something similar. Have you considered going to the doctor? With the stomach problems and especially the breathing problems it sounds like you need to make a trip. I will pray for you. Please keep us posted.
    Love, Carol

  13. Eileen, I think you should listen to your inner self. Your dreams seem to be telling you to see a Dr. I hope you are feeling better soon.