Sunday, March 29, 2009

In My Blog World I Shall Remain Childless

I love my kids, I really do. And they are all good kids, they really are. But sometimes these good kids that I love drive me to the point of insanity. I have been told by some of my children in no uncertain terms not to even mention them on my blog! I mistakenly thought I had this little world to myself but apparently not. They sneaked in here and are now setting parameters for me (my world is getting smaller!). So this will be the last time I refer to them without written permission. It seems okay to mention the grandkids – so far that is, but that may be banned soon too.
From what I can gather on other blogs, there are quite a few mothers and grandmothers encountering this same strange (extremely strange to me) situation. Many mothers and grandmothers that are not allowed to mention their own children and/or grandchildren by name or post pictures of them. One blogger who has me in hysterics all the time posted a picture of the back of everyone so as not to reveal identities! I know a few lucky bloggers whose blogs are still safe and secret from their children. Now, as far as protesting children, I can see not wanting any personal information put out in blog land, but I really do not think I am guilty of that. I don’t mention last names, I don’t give out hometowns, I don’t blog about daily life with them, and with the exception of a very few posts, I don’t mention the kids much at all, other than maybe cute things they may have done as little ones. I did post one story specifically about one of my daughters (she's fine with it, by the way), and one other story that will now be replaced with this! But for the most part I try to keep my stories about them non-specific, and other than this post about this specific (odd) request, I do not post derogatory stories about my children, and I don’t consider this derogatory, I consider it factual.
I won’t identify the vocal protester by name but he/she knows who it is! And I won’t mention the instigator by name either – you know who you are, thank you very much! Couldn’t you have at least waited until after my ‘rant and rave’ post, my post about my grown children being somewhat unreasonable? Oh, wait, this post will suffice.

Oh, and that reminds me, for those of my children now reading this blog, well, fair is fair. Stop reading! (I’m not talking about the one who reads and comments). This is hard not mentioning names! (Oh, and the one that does read and comment, you better make sure you don’t refer to your siblings in any comments! Maybe I should make up pseudo names for you kids, and the one who’s reading and commenting all the time, you can be Commenter! What shall I call the others? Protester? Instigator? Okay-By-Me? I’m-Fine-With-It?)
Okay, kids, I promise not to write about you in my blog world if you promise not to read in my blog world.

Maybe I should just start a picture blog much like my husband’s one, or maybe I’ll team up with him. But who knows, maybe pictures will be banned by this family too! Ugh!
Okay, I’m off to do my motherly duty in the real world and delete most of my family stories from my computer to ensure they don’t make it to the blog world. Darn! They were good too!


  1. Don't worry, I feel the same way about my 32 yr. old son and he's such a great dad and husband too. My prayers would be answered for him if only he would start (and stay) going to church again (maybe God will get tired of me buggin him about this and give him a gentle "push" in the right direction!)

    blessings to you and your whole family on this special occasion,


    Wishing you happiness always.

  3. Thank you both for your good wishes for Brian!
    And, Marcy, you are so right about bugging God, don't forget the story Jesus told us about the widow nagging the judge to rule in her favor, and he finally did just that in order to get rid of her! Keep banging on God's Door and remind Him of what Jesus told us! Luke 18:1-8

  4. I just got a brainstorm for code names for the kids:

    Use Erik when you mean Brian.
    Use Andy when you mean Erik.
    Use Ellie when you mean Katie.
    Use Katie when you mean Ellie.
    Use Brian when you mean Andy.

    This way no one will know who you are talking about. This way Brian (uh-oh let me check the translation chart) I mean Erik, will not know who you are wishing Happy Birthday to.

  5. Ouch! My brain is hurting! I think it's easier just to ignore them.

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  8. I deleted previous comments because I got the coded names wrong.

    If you check my blog you will see I made an effort not to mention Brian, Erik, Katie, Ellie, or Andy (oops), but it is not easy.

  9. lol you guys are nuts. I thought it was hilarious seeing Brian make such a big deal out of nothing, but maybe this is where he gets it from!

    Roll your eyes, shake your head, and move on with your life as if something very unimportant just happened. (Alternatively, make a big deal out of nonsense)

    -"The Instigator"

  10. "Instigator" STOP READING!! And now commenting too?! Oh, My! How will I tell you apart from Commenter? And don't LOL me!!
    (Protester's protest was kind of funny though, I have to agree, and hence - the big deal out of nothing - get it?).

  11. I'm confused who is Commenter, Protester, and Commenter, NAMES please!

  12. The Commentator aka Katie (Umma's Favorite Child)April 3, 2009 at 10:14 AM

    Come ON, Paw! It's Commenter (me, although I think I'd like to be "The CommentATOR" from here on out...), Protestor (your oldest child), and Instigator (your youngest child) - Puh-leaze don't confuse me with either of them! Especially since I was the one who got blamed for this whole mess!! It wasn't my fault! My son just happens to like to visit Umma's World to see pictures of Instigator's girlfriend. THAT is how Instigator found out about this. HE was the loud-mouth who told Protester...

    Okay, I have thoroughly confused myself now...

    Anyway, Mommy - You have my permission to talk about me (good or bad) and my son (good only - hee-hee!) anytime you want! I don't really care, and I am NOT selfish like Instigator and Protester, and would NEVER try to ruin the one thing you enjoy!!! That is why I am your favorite child!

  13. Thank you, dear girl, for your permission to speak about you, but I do enjoy a few other things in life not just THIS one. Now everyone drop it before we upset you-know-who! And this really won't be much fun for me anymore.

  14. The Commentator aka Katie (Umma's Favorite Child)April 3, 2009 at 11:00 AM

    Okay, one last thing:

    Can I start a blog of my own and write about how I'm not allowed to comment on my own mother's blog because she fears retribution from one of my siblings?