Saturday, May 14, 2011

"Umma's World" Is Going Into Semi-Retirement

(I posted this a few days ago, but, of course it disappeared into the Blogger World, I heard Blogger was having lots of problems. Only the original draft was saved, so I'm not sure if these were my final thoughts on this subject but it will have to do.)

No, I'm not going to stop blogging altogether.
No, I'm not going to disappear.
Yes, I'll still be haunting the blog world.
But, I think it's time "Umma's World" took a little retreat.

I've been blogging "Umma's World" for over two years now, and I've done hundreds of posts, but many of my fellow bloggers and myself now only post sporadically, and some of the 'original' bloggers don't post at all anymore. I miss those that have stopped blogging altogether, but I realize that life gets in the way, and we all have to take a break or move on sometimes, myself included. I do miss that 'village' bond we all once had, but I'm so happy and grateful for that connection while it lasted. And I'm so grateful to have your friendship.

I still enjoy visiting blogs, but I've noticed lately that the posting has gotten to be more of a chore for me. And visiting some blogs is an impossibility as I keep getting error messages.

I have a few ideas for starting anew sometime in the distant future, maybe when/if we finally move.
But for now I will only be posting on Umma's World occasionally, just to keep up the scrapbook of my life, and to post about our family (mostly, of course, our grandchildren), which was really always the intention for this blog, sort of a self-indulgent diary. I have a few Birthdays, and Anniversaries, a Baptism, and a few other special occasions coming up in the next few weeks and months that I may be posting about. And my youngest son renewed domain as a Mother's Day gift for me, so I'll still be hanging around Umma's World, just not as often anymore. I also want to give some attention again to my prayer blog, and I want to focus on starting a picture blog of New York and all my favorite bits and pieces of the city, as a sort of keepsake to always have when we do move, and I also want to concentrate on continued success in de-cluttering my surroundings which is very time-consuming.

I will continue to visit the blogs I'm able to access though.

I thank you all for visiting here over the past few years, and I appreciate your comments, and I thank you for your prayers, your support, and your friendship.
Thank you for sharing in my everyday moments, and for sharing in my sometimes 'not-so-everyday' moments. Thank you for sharing in my dreams, hopes, secrets, laughter, tears, fears, memories, and future plans. And thank you all for allowing me to share in all your moments too. You have enriched my life so much and you all mean a great deal to me and you will remain in my heart, my thoughts, and my prayers.

I'm not going to say good-bye...

... I'll just say that we'll soon pick up where we left off...

...until we meet again, friends...


  1. Eileen! Trust me, I understand what you're saying. I've taken numerous breaks from blogging. When it becomes more of a chore than a blessing, it's time to step back. Love the pix with the Grandbabies!

    Do you still visit Sniffles & Smiles (Janine Rusnak)? I can't get on her blog anymore... haven't been invited and I'm so sad about that. I also can no longer find Jackie from Teacher's Pet...

    Hugs to you!

  2. Hi Eileen,
    I have had a hard time getting to the blogs of some of the Villagers too. Most just don't visit me anymore at all...makes me sad, as we were all so close and now all so far away. Not sure what really happened...I suppose life. I got tired of sharing my bad times, and I suppose some just got tired of hearing about them.

    It is good to help one another up when we are down and cheer on our good times too. Will miss you dearly friend.

    (((HUGS))) T

  3. When I read posts like this, I just feel happy for the people writing it. If your real life is full and busy that sounds like a good thing. I know I will hear from you once in awhile. Enjoy your projects and your life.

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  5. I totally respect your decision, Eileen, though it saddens me. I came to the Village late and as people drop off one-by-one, I sometimes get paranoid (as if I was the one who caused it - though I can't imagine how).

    I will always be thrilled when you post. My life is richer, wider & far more interesting for knowing you and sharing from a distance in the beautiful family with which God has surrounded you.
    () and ♥♥♥

  6. I'll miss hearing from you..but completely understand. I have been so busy helping take care of Maci, that I barely have time to do anything else..Take care and I know you'll be back when you can....Love you bunches!!! Hugs, Jerelene

  7. You are one of my favorite bloggers, Eileen, and as much as I hate to see you not posting any longer, I understand and support you. You have always posted such wonderfully meaningful things, and I love reading your posts more than I can say. Thank you SO much for sharing over the years.

    I'm late visiting from my post last week (still recuperating from an old injury which has kicked up again), but despite my tardiness, I still wanted to thank you for your sweet comments. I appreciate them and you more than you know.

    I can't tell you how much you sharing your heart meant to me. You are the best, my friend, the very best.



  8. Glad you are not saying goodbye, just see ya later.
    I know how frustrating the comment problem is. I too have had a few weeks of only being to leave comments sporadically. But we are all busy in our real lives too.